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We put the FluidStance® deck through rigorous testing in two separate phases of development to optimize design functionality and benefits. Research from organizations such as Mayo Clinic, the University of Idaho, and Heeluxe Testing Lab validate the health benefits of using one of our decks.

Our Story

We weren’t meant to sit all day. In fact, our bodies were designed to move – chances are your workspace, classroom, or home environment doesn’t let you do that. Here at FluidStance, our purpose is to set the world in motion, starting with our category-creating decks.

You Were Designed To Move

Using a FluidStance deck allows you to engage in natural movement at your standing desk while remaining focused on the task at hand. Our balance boards increase energy expenditure by 19.2% compared to sitting. This means you’re actively burning calories while you work.

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Product Spotlight: The Rose Gold Level

Powder-coated in a glowing rose gold and topped with a gleaming white deck, our new Rose Gold Level will add shine and shimmer to your day. Plus, it’s the perfect gift for Mom! Quantities are limited.

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