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Doing Our Part

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Our mission in creating FluidStance® has been to set the world in motion.  We’ve been hard at work doing just that.  We’ve built our first product, The Level®, with that in mind – a tool designed to bring movement to your workday.  But before the Level, when FluidStance was just a thought, it was obvious we were going to make “stuff”.  And "stuff" has an environmental impact. So we knew we needed to bring our dream to life in the most socially responsible way.  What good is helping the world in one aspect if we’re harming it in another, right?  So, in celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight the ways we have spent a little extra dough to keep it closer to home and a little greener. 

1.       Our Original Handmade Level top deck is made of bamboo, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources. 

photo courtesy of dPOP! Culture 

photo courtesy of dPOP! Culture 



2.       Our bamboo deck is finished with materials that are GREENGUARD certified, ensuring that they’ve met some of the world’s most rigorous standards for low emissions of VOCs into the air.

3.       The base of our Original and American Made decks, the part that creates the motion, are made within 500 miles of our offices in California.  The Original is sand cast using a “Green Sand Process”, a process that generates zero waste. The sand molds gets recycled and excess aluminum trimmings get put back into the supply chain.  The American Made is made of recycled aluminum and produced in a solar powered facility just a 100 miles from our offices.  All scrap aluminum from these decks are also recycled back into the supply chain.

4.       We chose to use powder coating for the aluminum finish since it is almost a zero emissions process and we kept it within 50 miles of the office.

5.       The Original Handmade decks are milled and finished within 50 miles of our headquarters to decrease our carbon footprint.

6.       We complete the final assembly right here at our office in Santa Barbara, CA which is next door to our fulfillment partner – all intended to further increase our local vibe and decrease the bad breath our transport emits

As we grow, scale, and release new products in the future, we promise to keep doing our part for the environment while we bring you innovative solutions for getting more movement. #keepmoving


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