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We Hit Our Crowd Funding Goal!

Posted by FluidStance Team on

In less than 24 hours of introducing the Level® to the world, we've exceeded our crowd funding goal on IndieGoGo! At the time of this post, our project is 149% funded. This is truly a spectacular welcoming of FluidStance® into the world. 

Though just yesterday, it seems like our world has completely changed since the moment Joel hit our 'LAUNCH' button! If you've ever wondered what take-off looks like, here's a glimpse. 

Shortly after this big moment, we saw support start pouring in from all over the world. By mid-afternoon, our project began "trending" on IndieGoGo's home page, and by this morning, we woke up to find that we'd exceeded our goal. 

We can't thank you enough for your early support in bringing this project to life. Stay tuned for more updates and tips on how to introduce the Level into your workspace. 

Keep Movin'!


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