The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for the Active Techie
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The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for the Active Techie

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The technology geek in your life, if anything like us, is elated when they can use gadgetry to up their fitness game. Looking for a gift for them?  Here are fitness tech gifts we use and abuse.  


1. Fitness trackers.  It's no secret that fitness and activity trackers are so popular right now. And with good reason! Track sleep patterns, calories burned, steps taken, and more.  Our picks:

  • Jawbone Up24.  $129.99 at  We mentioned our love for the Jawbone Up24 in our post about the dangers of sitting because of its Idle Alert™ feature, but there is just so much we love about all the features of this fitness tracker.  A sleep tracker and Smart Alarm (wakes you up at your optimal time based on sleep cycles), pedometer, calories burned calculator, and a Smart Coach to push you.
  • FitBit Flex.  $99.99 at  Coming in a close second to the Jawbone, we also are big fans of the FitBit Flex.  Bonus for the women, Tory Burch for FitBit  has a great fashion band to house your Flex. There isn’t a feature to remind you to get moving, but it is insanely comfortable.  After a day, you won’t even notice it’s on, unlike the Jawbone – a big feature for someone with their wrists on a desk much of the day.  Not sure which one to get?  POPSUGAR has done an excellent review of the most popular fitness trackers here.

2. GoPro Hero4.  $399.99 at  A GoPro is truly a family gift that everyone will enjoy.  Strap it to your helmet and bomb down the slope, catching every action shot along the way.  We love this updated version of the classic GoPro for its new after-dark settings to capture pro quality low-light scenes.

3. Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Holder.  $34.95 at; $34.99 on  Pounding out some cardio at the gym is no more fun than waiting hours for an iOS update to finish.  Make it a little less excruciating for your beloved gym rate with this tablet holder – 4 arms hold onto the device and 4 arms wrap around the cardio machine to keep it in place.  

4. NomadKey.  $29 at  The only thing that kills a workout faster than your sudden digestion issues from last night’s yellow curry is a dead device. The NomadKey is a no-larger-than-a-key sized charging cable to power up your smartphone and tablet devices super quick for i-devices, windows, and android phones and tablets.

5. Lumo Lift.  $99.99 at and  The Lumo Lift corrects your desk jockey’s posture with settle vibrations to sit up straighter and taller.  Added bonus?  It also doubles as an activity tracker and pedometer.


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