The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for Active (Super Busy) Execs
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The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for Active (Super Busy) Execs

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Between inbox zero, endless conference calls, and networking drinks, it’s tough for your favorite fitness-minded exec to get fit some physical activity into their over-scheduled day.  These top gifts might just help squeeze in that workout at home, at the office, or on the road. 

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1. Earbuds that do it all!  Nothing’s worse than sweaty earphones that keep slipping out – that is, except for having to carry around two sets of earbuds for the gym and for business calls.  These Bose SoundSport earbuds perform excellent at both.  They stay put through the sweatiest workout, have excellent sound quality and the mic is superb for taking that conference call.  They also come with three different sizes of ear-cover for the perfect fit.  Only drawback?  A little pricey at $149.95 but well worth the investment.  

2. For her, the Tory Burch FitBit band:  It’s painful how ugly and boring fitness trackers look. But the benefits of wearing one are just too good to turn away. Tory Burch has solved the problem bringing fashion to fitness.  They’ve launched their beautiful FitBit Flex bands in gold, silver and rose gold.  $175-$195 at  Note: this only includes the band. FitBit Flex sold separately.

3. Light up your runner's life:  If your fitness buff likes to get some run-time in early in the morning or late evenings, outfit them with these quality lighting options curated by Runner’s World to stay safe.

  • Headlamp:  Princeton Tez Vizz headlamp comes in three color options, powerful LED lights, and packability.  $49.95,
  • Handheld:  If a headlamp is too bothersome, give this handheld light by Nathan Zephyr a try. It offers an adjustable handstrap for comfort, is water resistant, and has an added bonus of an emergency siren.  $45,

4. Yoga essentials:  A lunchtime sesh of yoga is a perfect opportunity to pack some fitness in a very busy schedule. These yoga mat essentials help get the job done.

  • Broga Mats:  These awesome yoga mats & carrying bags offer an opportunity to take your dude a little less seriously with names like “burrito bag”, “downward facing log”, and “quiver of arrows yoga mat”.  The bags come with an interior pocket perfect for holding cash, phones and keys – leave the rest at the office.  $30-$69, 
  • Yoga footwear:  Ahnu Footwear has released a beautiful line of yoga sport footwear for women, perfect for protecting toes at her beach Flow class, or for a busy travel filled day where comfort takes priority.  $90-$95.
  • Yoga travel mat:  The eKO Superlite Mat from Manduka weighs only 2lbs, folds up to be super packable in your luggage, and is eco-friendly.  $40 at

5. Streaming workouts & tablet/smartphone apps:  Workouts on the go are an essential element to staying fit on business travel.  Here are some excellent solutions:

  •  Free for 30 days,$14.99 monthly.  DailyBurn offers workouts from many different trainers with programs focusing on everything from cardio, strength, flexibility, running, dance, Tabata and HIIT.
  •  $9.99 monthly.  The concept is very similar to DailyBurn, except it is purely workout videos and none of the community elements of DailyBurn. Workout videos are created by 23 different trainers and include some popular programs like Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 series, Gaiam fitness videos, and others. 
  • Barre3 online workouts:  $15 monthly.  Barre3 is a low-impact combination of moves inspired by yoga, pilates and ballet.  Sadie Lincoln, the godmother of Barre3 is a huge proponent of staying active during the workday and offers some awesome ways to keep active when being desk tethered is a must. With this membership, you get 10, 30, 40 and 60 minute workouts plus access to healthy seasonal recipes.  Bonus: the Barre3 iOS app for $4.99 gives you access to 10 minute workouts
  • Nike+ Training Club app:  Free.  This app is very well done, putting a serious amount of workouts, fitness programs, and accountability in your pocket.  If your fitness buff on your gift list doesn’t know about this, be sure to clue them in.  



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