The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for Active Kids
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The FluidStance® Gift Guide: Gifts for Active Kids

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My favorite 7-year-old can go and go and go!  At the top of my wish list is a way for science to give me an IV drip of his energy.  Oh the things I would get done! So far I’ve only found caffeine as a distant second-best option.  If your kids are like this kiddo, here are gift ideas to keep them on the move, burning up that energy and earning that screen-time. If you're looking for gifts that will get the whole family moving, take a look at our Active Family Gift Guide.  


1. Bikes & Scooters.   We’ve rounded up some of our safest picks for all ages while still making sure physical activity stays in the sweat-zone.

  • Trailer bike:  $249.  A trailer bike is just so perfect for toddlers because they feel like they’re riding their own bike and you get the comfort of knowing they’re safely riding right along with you.  The best part?  It’ll grow with your little one as the seat and handlebars are adjustable.  Available on, or find an REI near you and save the $75 in shipping.
  • Push bikes & balance bikes:  $79.73 for last year’s model of a push bike at  This rad little BMX style bike gives the feel of a two-wheel bike for toddlers but with a parent handle for pushing, controlling speed, and responding to tip-overs. Want to forego the parent handle?  This balance bike for boys and girls is also a great option. 
  • Scooters:  Quite possibly one of the most controversial kids “toys” ever are children’s scooters due to the safety concerns. And boy do we get it – a little one gets going downhill at a crazy speed and these things are tough to keep stable! For the 3 and 4 year olds, scooter riding doesn’t get much better with this tricycle spin on the traditional scooter at $44.99.  They wiggle their little hips side to side to get this baby moving and with three wheels, they’ll have better balance.  For your 5 & 6 year olds, Toys R Us has a great Mongoose brand scooter on sale for $49.99 and its features include a shorter handle bar height, wide tires, a soft handlebar guard, and a wide base for optimal handling and balance.  Finally, the older kids will get hours of play on this sporty three-wheel scooter that provides stability on three wheels but room for all their tricks, show-offs and scooter skills.  $99.99 for ages 7-11.

2. Zamzee: We originally heard about the Zamzee from a Huffington Post article about kicking the sitting habit.  We instantly fell in love with the Zamzee concept.  What does it do?  Kids clip a USB device to their clothing or place it their pocket, and it tallies up their physical activity throughout the day.  At night, you upload it to your computer, and you and your child can see not only how active they were, but they earn rewards for more activity, can compete with others for points, and accept Zamzee physical challenges.  Right now it’s only available through healthcare providers. More information at their site:

3. Laser tag set, $42.79 at  This laser tag set comes with the essentials for a two player game of laser tag or solo training mode – either way, get ready to sweat!

4. Games for the Xbox, Wii, or Playstation.  While we love nothing more than sending kids outside to play, sometimes, it's just not an option. When Grandma splurges on that gaming system for your kids, have no fear, use it as a way to keep your kids moving when they're stuck indoors. Here is a round-up of our favorite 2014 active video games that keep them on their toes; and a plus - you can even join in!  

  • Wii Sports is an oldie but goodie. The family can get involved and play everything from bowling to boxing to tennis and baseball.  Add on the Wii Sports Resort game and you’ve got a ton of additional games to choose from.  The Wii motion technology turns the controllers into an action filled, on your feet, session of upper body movement for the family.  Even better? has pre-owned versions of both games.  Wii Sports, $9.88; Wii Sports Resort, $19.99
  • So, about that Running Man dance move you’ve been perfecting…, Just Dance 2015 gives you plenty of chances to school your little one in ways of the dance master.  Available for all gaming systems at and running about $40, this game has tons of features to keep players moving.  Dance battle it out, bring your dance crew, or set it to continuous dancing and the music don’t stop till ya get enough.  All players will be sweating up a storm in no time and asking for more.
  • Wipeout Create & Crash – Based on the ABC show Wipeout, kids create and run their own crazy obstacle courses and try to avoid falling in the water.  Available for Wii and Xbox Kinect, $8.99-$31.99 at
  • UFC Trainer – For the older kids, UFC Trainer is a 10 on the sweat meter. Designed by leading MMA training experts, this hardly-a-game-more-like-a-workout will push teens and adults to the limits. $9.99 to $24.99,  

5. Want more ideas? has done a fantastic round-up of top 2015 toys for keeping kids active.


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