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5 Standing Desk Picks for Your Office

Posted by Parisa Mirzadegan on

You’re planning out your new standing workstation (complete with a FluidStance® Level®, of course)— but where do you start? Whether you’re new to stand-up work or trying to upgrade your current standing workstation, your desk can make a big difference in the feel of your office and your workflow. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite new and classic standing desks to give you a jump-start on your stand-up journey: 


    If you’re a fan of customization, you’ll love the UPLIFT Desk: the options of materials, sizes, and even grommet placements will allow you to order a product that’s fully tailored to your personal workspace. With dual motors, one for each leg of the desk, you can be sure that your work surface will never be uneven. UPLIFT’s commitment to sustainability in their production and materials is also a huge bonus in our book. 

    UpDesk UpWrite

      Creative thinkers and desk doodlers: this is the desk for you. UpDesk’s UpWrite series offers a desktop that’s designed to be drawn and written on, now in a sleek black that’s appropriate for meetings and brainstorming alike. The largest desktop is 72" wide, allowing plenty of surface room for both writing and desk work.


        StandDesk offers a fully customizable line of standing desks that let you select your favorite features from start to finish. Go for the deluxe frame for a memory-height controller and a cable management system that will bring organization to even the most hectic desks. P.S. If you can get in on the limited Huckberry run of the Enterprise StandDesk in Black Bamboo, don’t miss out!


          You’ll have a hard time finding a better rated standing desk raiser than this one from VARIDESK. Designed for use with dual monitors and featuring a two-tier design that ensures you can maintain ergonomically beneficial posture, this platform can also be lowered for use when you’re not standing at your desk. The three available colors make the Pro Plus 36 perfect for any workspace.

          Stir Desk

            Described as “The Ferrari of standing desks,” the Stir desk is an investment piece for your workspace. The inlaid touch screen controls that adjust your height settings and track your activity and caloric burn throughout the workday make this desk feel more like a wearable activity tracker than office furniture. Choose from either the M1 or F1 model for a desk like none other.

            Still not sure which adjustable desk is right for you? Check out our guide to buying an adjustable desk for tips on what to look for in your new desk, or feel free to reach out to our team for help. And remember: if you're using your standing desk with a Level, be sure to account for the extra 2.5 inches of added height so you can work comfortably!

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            • Larry on

              I’ve been using an Uplift adjustable height desk (80×30 laminate top with digital memory control and wire management kit) for about a year, and can’t say enough good things about it. I partner it with my FluidStance Original, a Muv-Man adjustable height stool when I need greater stability, and a good office chair for those times I need to sit.

            • Jeff H on

              Nice article. We have UPLIFT with maple tops and our office admin uses a Varidesk at her lobby reception desk. Great products. A few of us use the Fluidstance with the UPLIFT desks as well.

            • Jenn K. on

              I wish I would’ve seen another desk option in this article! I did a ton of research on standing desks and I highly recommend the Autonomous desk. The price is unbeatable, and because I was so indecisive I asked tons of questions and realized that their base is actually more sturdy than some competitors because the largest part of the base is nearest the bottom. We bought 4 of these desks for our offices and we absolutely love them. The shipping time was postponed a couple times, but now that we have them we would never go back to any other desk. They have a few options. We have the SmartDesk 2: http://bit.ly/2aGya7j but they also offer a DIY SmartDesk Kit: http://bit.ly/2aGx1wB where you can make your own with any top you choose. They also have a higher end luxury model with a custom wooden top – SmartDesk Art: http://bit.ly/2bFqLK4, but you could make one like this if you get the DIY base. Check them out and consider adding to your article for next time – I love their products, and they are perfect with our FluidStance boards… one happy office team here:)

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