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7 Standing Desk Accessories to Revitalize Your Workspace

Posted by FluidStance Team on

By Ben Miller

Spring is a season of rebirth—and perhaps the best time to renew and refresh your work environment. Don’t let a tired, stale workspace detract from the sun shining, the birds chirping, and the flowers blooming. Take a look around your office and consider some ways to add new life to your routine.

A FluidStance deck is a great rejuvenation tool that brings movement to your workday. For those looking to take office zen to the next level, we chose a few products and accessories to enhance the standing desk experience:

1. Hoshinchu Air Bonsai: Nothing promotes zen like a floating bonsai tree. Let this cool desk accessory inspire you to stay light on your feet from 9 to 5. It’s also a novel conversation starter—always a plus.

2. Lumo Lift: Poor posture can be the root of musculoskeletal aches and pains. Whenever your shoulders start to slump, this wearable little gadget alerts you with a soft vibration. Good posture is a sign of confidence: a valuable asset in any profession.

3. Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture: Allow the perpetual rhythm of this momentum-powered sculpture to act as a constant reminder to stay moving. We think this serves as the perfect gadget for a credenza or a bookshelf.

4. Baoding Balls: Dating back to an ancient Chinese tradition, the rotation of these hand-held orbs is thought to improve brain function while reducing stress. The dulcet chimes within each ball provide a meditative soundtrack to counteract the cacophony of your office.

5. Focal Mogo Seat: Standing at work is great (and a FluidStance deck makes it even better), but everyone needs to take a seat now and then. There’s no need for a bulky office chair when you’ve got this handy portable seating device.

6. Mr. N Light by Koncept: Burning the midnight oil? Power down those office fluorescents and create a soothing vibe with this artistic and environmentally friendly LED light. Useful and stylish, it can pass as a desk sculpture when not in use.

7. Gaiam Aromatherapy Diffuser: In the interest of appealing to all the senses, we include this nifty USB-powered aromatherapy diffuser. Choose your favorite essential oil, add a few drops, plug it into your laptop, and follow your nose to your happy place.


Did we miss a standing desk accessory that you swear by? Leave us a comment below!



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  • Leviticus Bennett on

    I like the LED light that you posted. It’s always neat when something so aesthetically pleasing also doubles as something to improve your productivity. I often stay up late working, so powering down the lights to be dimmer would certainly make things easier on my eyes.

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