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Become Your Office's Wellness Champion with 4 Simple Tips

Posted by Parisa Mirzadegan on

When dealing with wellness in the workplace, it sometimes takes just one champion to lead the movement toward creating a healthier, happier workday. If you’re looking to become your office’s wellness champion but aren’t quite sure where to start, beginning with these four simple steps can make a big difference:

  1. Lead by example—become an early adopter. You’d like to add movement to your workday with a standing desk and a FluidStance Level, but your whole office is currently stuck in a sitting slump. What do you do? Take the initiative to build a healthy workspace for yourself—put your laptop on a riser, kick your chair out of the way, or place an order for a Level—you’ll break the ice and make the idea more accessible to others around the office. Once the novelty of your unique workspace wears off, your coworkers will be clamoring to get on board, too.

  2.  Approach HR. An increasing number of companies have some form of wellness benefit or perk that allows you to customize your office or workspace to maximize ergonomic benefits. See what programs are already in place at your company, and don’t be afraid to ask how you can work together to help more people access them. Your company knows that a healthy employee has much more value than an unhealthy one, and will often step up to help you create a workspace conducive to health and productivity. Approach your office manager or HR, ergo, or facilities department to see how you can work together to make healthy changes around your company.

  3. Get a doctor’s note. Need a little extra firepower on your side? Approach your doctor to see how adding a standing desk and movement to your workday can contribute to your general health. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, looking to better manage your weight, or preventing the onset of afflictions associated with a sedentary workday, your doctor can help you explore options and legitimize your choice to increase your physical activity throughout the day. You know that you’re making a healthy choice by adding movement to your workday—prove it!

  4. Share your experience. Now that your healthy workstation is up and running, go ahead and spread the word! There’s no better way to become your workplace wellness champ than to help other people take the same steps that you did. Take to social media or the break room to share your experiences (just don’t become “That Person” at the office—know your audience!). Once others learn about the steps you took and the result of your commitment to workplace wellness, it’s only a matter of time before other champions start coming out of the woodwork.
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