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office set of soft top balance board

The Fleet - Plane Cloud

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Five Plane Clouds & Hi-5 Racks

Five Plane® Clouds & Hi-5 Rack

Choose between 2 colors.

Place your fleet of Plane® Clouds in a conference room or any common work area and empower your team with more movement, energy, focus, and a more balanced workday. Beautifully display and store your Plane® Clouds with the included Hi-5 Rack in ReWood recycled wood materials, offered at an exclusive price.

When you step on the Plane Cloud you'll feel like you're moving on air. Its attached foam top adds a little extra cushion to your day and makes it even easier to #keepmoving. It is US-made and composed of recycled materials: the base is molded from 100% high-molecular High Density Polyethylene #2 recycled plastic, one of the strongest plastics available. The foam top deck is made from 100% recyclable materials that are naturally non-microbial to prevent odor, whether you work barefoot or in shoes. Continuing our commitment to the environment, the entire product can be recycled, reducing landfill waste over time.

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