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Rose Gold Level

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Beautiful colors & premium materials        

Balance Board for Standing Desk

Keep your body in motion and ideas flowing with our best-selling balance board.

The Level® was designed to allow your natural micro-movements to strengthen and stabilize your body, keep fluidity in your joints, burn extra calories, and keep you focused and alert while accomplishing great things at your standing desk. 

We use premium maple wood for the top deck and military-grade aluminum to die-cast the stylish base. We finish the balance board with a low-emission powder-coating process and beautiful natural wood stain. 

In a third-party study of more than 400 Level® users, a majority felt more comfortable and productive after using the Level for just one week. And a whopping 83% of users felt happier when using the Level.

For a limited time, every Level purchase includes our Challenge Cap, a $49 value, which adds additional height to your base for a customizable experience.