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In 2021, Bring Life to Your Work

2021 might be the most meaningful New Year in, well, years. We have an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate what we want to do and how we want to do it. Now more than ever we need to take charge of our health and wellbeing and make sure our lives, especially our work lives, are the best they can be. First on the list? Adding more physical movement to our days.

Step 1: Focus on Physical Flow

Working while on a FluidStance® balance board will engage your core and leg muscles, improving balance and posture. The movement is subtle and non-distracting, and over time using one of our decks will be just one of the things you do every day to improve your health and wellness.

The Level®

Our most popular deck, the Level features a silver die-cast aluminum base topped with a Maple deck in your choice of two finishes: Natural or Walnut.


The Original

The Original is the one that started it all. Our most premium deck, its extra-thick aluminum base is coated in a choice of five colors, with a Bamboo top deck.

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The Plane® Cloud

The Cloud is made of recycled plastic and therefore has a softer ride. Its smaller footprint is perfect for small spaces, and the foam top deck adds extra cushion.

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FluidStance Makes Our Customer's Lives Better

Best Balance Board

I use it all day every workday; I don’t even have a chair at my desk because I find it so comfortable to stand on this board. I have tried simpler boards and find that having multiple dimensions of balance (rotation, front-back, left-right) does not require much more attention than just one, and allows more muscles to engage which actually makes long-term use easier. Looks great as well. Recommended!
- Jordan R.


Great Standing Desk Companion

Bought for my boyfriend and he loves it! Here is what he says: "My legs and joints feel much better using the Level than just standing on the ground because it allows me to be moving on a regular basis - rocking side to side, front to back, and circles; 90 degree spins; and occasionally standing on one leg. I read reviews shortly after receiving the Level and I thought a reviewer was being over the top when they said it was "fun" to stand on it. It's true though! I truly enjoy it, even after almost three months of daily use."
- Cheryl P.


Great Change

The switch from standing to using the Level was a bit strange at first, but the first day after I got off the Level, I felt great! I could feel the work my lower body had done, and after checking my fitness tracker, confirmed that I had definitely burned more calories than I would have using just my standing desk. If you want to squeeze in that much more activity when stuck behind a desk most of the working day, I highly recommend getting a Level board.
- Dylan S.


The Science To Back It Up

We put the FluidStance® deck through rigorous, independent testing in two separate phases of our development process to optimize design functionality and benefits. Research was conducted by the Heeluxe Testing Lab, a private science center for footwear research and innovation. In addition, subsequent 3rd party research by Mayo Clinic and the University of Idaho have substantiated the health benefits.

Energy Expenditure

The Level® increases energy expenditure by 19.2% compared to sitting, as measured in research conducted by the Mayo Clinic. This means that when using your Level, you’re actively burning more calories versus sitting, simply by allowing for more movement throughout the day.


Heart Rate

On average, we saw a 15% increase in heart rate while on the FluidStance deck versus the same population sitting at a desk. This is with a P<.001 statistical analysis (meaning there is a 99.9% accuracy against the general population).

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Range of Motion

The body is meant to move in three dimensions, and a FluidStance deck enables that movement in any environment. On the FluidStance deck, we see an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees—a clear increase over what we experience while standing in place. 

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Optimal Limits

We designed our decks for natural, continual use. Our patented technology maintains reasonable limits of motion—limiting the dorsiflexion (when your toes are above your heels) and plantarflexion (when your heels are above your toes) to levels that are comparable to walking.

see the white paper

We Give Back, Which Means Your Purchase Helps Others

We donate 1% of profits to First Descents, an organization committed to providing free adventure experiences to young adults with cancer. In 2020, First Descents launched HERO RECHARGE, a nationwide series of free outdoor adventure programs for healthcare professionals on the frontlines of COVID-19.

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FluidStance currently has four patents.  Additional trademarks and patents may be pending in the U.S. and elsewhere. You can visit our Patents page to learn more.
Footnotes: *Observed in third-party testing via Heeluxe Labs **12.2 beats per minute increase observed in third-party testing.



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