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Meet Fillup,
the designer water tower for all day hydration.

Design and function meet in the middle to create the Fillup™ Water Tower.


Fillup Water Tower

Elevate your drinking experience with Fillup™. You'll have an ample supply of water at your fingertips, helping you feel great and perform at your best.

Why choose Fillup?
• Double walled insulation keeps drinks cold all day (yes, Fillup keeps rosé cold all day too)

• Fillup is BPA-free and using Fillup saves 4 plastic bottles from being used everyday.

• Staying hydrated keeps you performing at your best all day. Fillup holds 70 oz of water, the same recommend amount for daily hydration.

With its focus on minimalist design and premium construction using  eco-friendly materials, Fillup can be used anywhere: on your desk--whether you're working from home or back in the office, on your bedside table, in the kitchen, outside, and more.

Hydration Is A Spontaneous Activity

If water is at your fingertips, you drink.

Keep Water, Coffee, or Wine Cold All Day

Double wall insulation keeps liquid cold until the last drop.



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