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Don’t Just Sit There

Ever realize you’ve been sitting in one place, staring at a screen, for way too long? The Plane gives you a little bit of fitness when you can’t be active somewhere else (running, cycling, surfing, hiking, or working out).



Make Screen Time Healthy

Riding the Plane activates your core and engages your leg muscles, encouraging you to connect with your body and improve your balance. It also elevates your heart rate and increases your range of motion.


The Plane

Movement for any occasion.

  • has an A
  • Offers a similar ride in an eco-friendly package.
  • $189

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    What People Are Saying About Us

    I just wanted to write a quick message while standing on my Level. It has completely revolutionized my work day and I am loving every minute of it. I feel more awake and alert, and I love being able to constantly move around while in front of the computer screen. Keep doing what you’re doing.
    — Jamie - London, England
    The Level is the bee’s knees. As a hyper, outdoorsy biz owner working too many hours, the stand up desk was a big change. The Level has revolutionized my office time. Two weeks in and I am a raving fan here in MI.
    — Steve - Brighton, Michigan
    My FluidStance arrived last week and it is fantastic. I have been using a standing desk since 2004 and this is an incredible improvement on an already good thing.
    — Kirstin - Madison, Wisconsin
    Just wanted to let you know I love my Level. It has absolutely increased my comfort during the day. I divide my day between sitting and standing, and now with the Level, I really look forward to the standing periods. Thank you for the innovation!
    — Lisa - Chicago, Illinois
    A friend linked me to your site a couple of months ago - brilliant - I ordered a board a few clicks later. My board arrived yesterday - unfortunately, I’ve only ridden it for about half the time its been out of the box - it gets ‘borrowed’ by my co-workers when I step away...
    — Chris - San Carlos, California
    Just wanted to let you know that my new Level arrived and I LOVE it. Using it with my stand-up desk (barefoot), been doing yoga stretches in between responding to emails! I have already become a fluidstance ambassador among my work mates. Thank you!
    — Matt - Middlefield, Connecticut
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