Elevate your workspace with The Raise

Declutter your desktop and streamline your workflow with the Raise, A  Desktop Fixture™.


The Raise monitor riser will help make work better.

We're spending more time indoors at our computers these days. Many of us have been working from home, forced to create home offices on the fly. Often that means proper ergonomics isn't a top priority...you scrambled for a work surface and a place to Zoom and that's as far as you got.

This year has shown us how fluid our work environments are, and how we can be productive anywhere, as long as we have a workspace that is harmonious with our comfort and wellbeing. Wherever you're working--a back country cabin, your guest bedroom, or your garage--the Raise’s ergonomic design will de-clutter your workspace and enhance your productivity. 

• Elevate your computer monitor to eye-level for optimal ergonomics.
• Declutter your workspace and reclaim some of your desktop real estate.
• Sturdy and stable, use on any surface--kitchen counter,  dining room table, or desk.
• Elegant and minimalist design, made from eco-friendly materials.
• Provides the perfect nesting spot for desk accessories, like your keyboard, that might be cluttering your workflow.
• No assembly required.
• 100% sourced, assembled, and distributed in the USA.

Just Open the box and get to work

Seamless integration with the Slope Whiteboard.

The Raise Desktop Fixture™ was designed to be paired with Slope, our personal desktop whiteboard. Both items seamlessly integrate with each other, with the Raise providing the perfect spot to slide your Slope under when you need more space to work, or are calling it quits for the day and want to tidy up your workspace before you do.