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The Level - Artist Edition

When we first envisioned the new Level®, we were determined to create a lighter yet durable deck that would inspire movement in all areas of life.

We teamed up with Santa Barbara-based artist R. Nelson Parrish to create the artwork for the Artist Edition, our first release in a line of Levels with composite top-deck technology.


This collaboration was born from the fact that FluidStance Founder Joel Heath and Nelson have parallel purposes to inspire motion in people’s lives: Joel through product design, and Nelson through three-dimensional art. The Artist Edition was inspired by Nelson’s 27-mile stand up paddle across the Santa Barbara Channel. The design captures the water, light, movement, and energy of this recent “Misogi”—an annual challenge of one’s own physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. 

Born and raised in Alaska, Nelson—who has always led an active life—turned to art as a way to inspire and share experiences of movement. His three-dimensional art pieces find their balance between the realms of painting and sculpture. Nelson's website describes how he "provokes in us the desire to seek out and discern the synthetic from the natural." CLICK HERE to view Nelson's full portfolio.

The Artist Edition is a first look at our upcoming launch of the full Level® Air line, which draws its inspiration from 60s surf heritage. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch of the full Level Air line.