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The Wall by FluidStance

Expand your workspace with our new  two-sided, portable tabletop whiteboard.


The Wall Expands Your Workspace and Your Privacy

Need more space for your big ideas, long lists, and project timelines? Want more privacy while you work? The Wall™ does both, bringing flexibility to the power of whiteboard space so you can work like a boss anywhere.

Both sides of the Wall have a premium dry erase finish for twice the whiteboard space, helping you keep better track of work or school activities so you're more organized and can be more productive.

In a shared environment, the Wall is large enough to act as a privacy screen when you need to focus, and can be a physical barrier at your desk. It can be a backsplash to your laptop, a side panel for brainstorming, or use magnets to turn it into a pin-up board. Make your own mini office cubicle by getting two!

The Wall is portable, easily moved from tabletop to tabletop as needed. The base features a slot for storing your pen and other desk accessories. 

Twice the surface in a small footprint

Eco Friendly Materials

The Wall is made in the US of 100% steel that is powder-coated using an eco-friendly low emissions process. The entire product is sourced, made, and assembled within 100 miles of our headquarters, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. And, we ship directly to you within 1-2 days.



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