10 Sustainable Brands to Keep an Eye On

10 Sustainable Brands to Keep an Eye On

At FluidStance®, we have always placed a premium on sustainable design. From choosing our vendors to selecting materials, we minimize our environmental impact wherever possible. Because of this commitment to green production, we’re always excited to find other brands, products, and projects that align with our values. Here are a few sustainable brands we admire:

Ananas Anam

1. Ananas Anam has developed a beautiful leather product with the ethical treatment of animals and the planet in mind. Their Piñatex, or pineapple leather, is a completely sustainable woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibers. Since the fibers are a byproduct of the pineapple harvest, producing them requires no extra resources!


2. Adidas is “turning threat into thread” through their collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. By turning ocean plastic into high performing sportswear for the Parley shoe line, Adidas is helping to reduce ocean pollution. The company is creating the shoe by spinning broken down plastic materials that have been retrieved from the ocean, “spinning the problem into a solution.”


3. Tentree is doing their part in making our world a little greener by planting 10 trees for every item you purchase. In every item of clothing, the company incorporates a “Tree Code” that you can register to see where in the world the company has planted your 10 trees. The company has already planted 10 million trees around the world and continues to work only with socially and environmentally responsible factories.


4. Patagonia is aiming to produce their apparel without causing unnecessary environmental harm, an inspirational mission for any brand. They focus on extending product lifespans to reduce waste, carefully considering textiles before choosing to use them, and responsibly managing their infrastructure as a whole.


5. VivaTerra crafts their products with unique, earth-friendly goods, all while incorporating globally inspired designs into their products. They focus on using materials such as recycled glass accents, block-printed textiles, and reclaimed wood furnishings, creating pieces that will turn your home into a beautiful and natural sanctuary.


6. As one of the most sustainable companies in the automotive industry, BMW is aiming for an emission-free future with the creation of their BMW i line. The goal is not only to build emission-free cars, but to also use the maximum amount of sustainable and recycled materials for the vehicles. From design to production, every detail is rooted in sustainability for BMW i.


7. Two Australia surfers created the Seabin, a revolutionary product that will help to clean the garbage out of our precious oceans! The Seabin, which is placed into the ocean to filter out surface litter, is completely harmless to the ocean’s wildlife (and easy to maintain!).

American Chemical Society

8. Scientists with the American Chemical Society are creating a world where you can eat not only your food, but the package, too! They are working to generate protein-based films that will block oxygen to prevent food from spoiling. The proteins are derived from milk, so in addition to being edible and more sustainable than plastic wrap, the packages would be biodegradable.

Solar Roadways

9. The future is near: Solar Roadways anticipates replacing asphalt and current driving roads with their specifically engineered solar panels that can be both walked and driven on. The panels contain lights to line roads, as well as heating elements to avoid ice buildup in colder climates. They also aim to charge electric vehicles with the solar energy that the panels retain, creating a highly energy-conserving environment.


10. As a brand that continually celebrates the value of the great outdoors, REI works to positively impact the environment in several ways. REI has several sustainable operations in motion: reaching climate neutrality by 2020, managing total energy use, becoming a zero waste-to-landfill organization by 2020, maintaining product sustainability, and many more.

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