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The FluidStance Affiliates Program

A FluidStance® deck is but one aspect of a healthier workday. Regardless of your work environment, we believe everyone can incorporate walking meetings, reserve time to get outdoors, and set frequent stretch reminders—anything that gets you out of your seat. It's likely a combination of standing, sitting, and flowing that will change your perspective. When you're tied down with responsibilities, we want to provide you with the option of movement.

The FluidStance Affiliates Program is a great way to get involved in our mission to help set the world in motion. You will join a small but mighty team in helping to spread the word and share the benefits of using a FluidStance deck, and you will receive a commission accordingly. We utilize the ShareASale affiliate marketing platform for seamless facilitation of the process. All you need to do is create an account, place a request through the system to become a FluidStance Affiliate, and we'll take it from there.

Questions? Contact us at social@fluidstance.com


Benefits of Using A FluidStance Deck

Get up to speed with the benefits of our decks while your Affiliate application processes through ShareASale. These will be important communications points for you.

Energy Expenditure

The Level increases energy expenditure by 19.2% compared to sitting—well over the 10% threshold that qualifies a product for NEAT™ certification (NEAT™ stands for the science of Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic). When using your Level, you’re actively burning calories by allowing for more movement throughout the day.

Heart Rate

On average, we saw a 15% increase in heart rate while on the FluidStance deck versus the same population sitting at a desk. This is with a P<.001 statistical analysis (meaning there is a 99.9% accuracy against the general population).

Range of Motion (ROM)

The body is meant to move in three dimensions, and a FluidStance deck enables that movement in any environment. On the FluidStance deck, we see an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees—a clear increase over what we experience while standing in place.

Optimal Limits

We designed our decks for natural, continual use. Our patented technology maintains reasonable limits of motion—limiting the dorsiflexion (when your toes are above your heels) and plantarflexion (when your heels are above your toes) to levels that are comparable to walking.

Task Execution

When developing our products, our goal was to ensure that nothing would detract from your focus on the task at hand. There is no statistical difference in the amount of typing errors that someone makes standing on a FluidStance deck compared to the same person in a seated environment.



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