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About Us

We weren’t meant to sit all day. In fact, our bodies were designed to move – chances are your workspace, classroom, or home environment doesn’t let you do that. Here at FluidStance, our purpose is to set the world in motion, starting with our category-creating decks.


Motion enables curiosity, giving wings to creativity.  Our collective, creative move awaits...  - Joel Heath, FluidStance Founder & CEO

Step Away From The Chair

A FluidStance deck is but one aspect of a healthier workday. Regardless of your work environment, we believe everyone can incorporate walking meetings, reserve time to get outdoors, and set frequent stretch reminders—anything that gets you out of your seat and moving. When you're tied down with responsibilities, we want to provide you with the option of balance and motion.

Sustainability First

We've gone the extra mile to use eco-conscious materials whenever possible, working with local companies, choosing sustainable manufacturing processes, and building our products to last. We take all of these steps as part of our bigger mission to be responsible borrowers from Mother Earth, for team members and consumers alike.



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