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Worth every penny!

“I had been researching balance boards and other standing desk accessories for a while and while, and I’m usually believer in trying something before I buy - especially when it’s expensive. But I decided to take a change on the fluidstance board because it just seemed like the right solution and am so glad I did. It is really great to work on and I barely lower my desk to sitting now! Worth every penny!"

- Laura, Review Of The Level®

Hello, I love my FluidStance.

“I actually recommended it to a few of my coworkers already. I love the foam pad on the Plane Cloud. I step on it with my shoes off because it so much more comfy and squishy that way."

- Jackie, Review Of The Plane® Cloud

It’s a great way for wiggly kids in my first-grade class.

“We shared decks in the classroom and they were really popular movement tools. My students had really creative uses—they would lay along on top and rock as they read, they would sit and do their work on them, and stand."

- Kathy (Kindergarten- 5 th teacher), Review Of The Grade®

Phenomenal product.No brainer investment.

“This has been a life-changer. Seriously. I'm a full time logo-designer and spend most all of my work day at the desk. I have the Ikea stand-up desk, but before I got the FluidStance balance board I found that I would tend to lean one way or the other and eventually get sore shoulders. Now, with the balance board I feel the constant motion keeps my shoulders lose, and overall I feel more alert and energized. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Laura, Review Of The Level®

My back is prone to go out frequently when I spend too much time sitting.

“Standing hasn’t proved to be much better unless I’m dancing around at my desk all day, which makes it hard to work. My deck allows me to keep moving without disrupting my work, which keeps my muscles loose and prevents the crippling back spasms I suffer when I’m forced to be stationary all day. My coworkers are constantly asking me about it, and I give it my highest recommendation. It may cost as much as a nice office chair, but it’s worth every cent, especially since it’s helped keep me out of my chiropractor’s office!"

- Matthew, Review Of The Original

Following an ankle operation I had purchased a standing desk to encourage less sitting.

“However, particularly when I was in the zone or knee deep in a project it could be ages before I would move from that static standing position which led to sore feet and an aching lower back. Since I took delivery of my fluidstance board it has completely relieved any aches and pains. Personally I find it best when standing in my socks as opposed to in my shoes. Some of my staff have now requested the standing desks but I have advised that if they get the desk that they should really consider the fluidstance board or else the likelihood is that they will stop using the desk in a standing position in a very short while."

- Ronan, Review Of The Plane®

Everyone should own one!!!

“I bought the Slope for my home computer, basically for a home office and a small business that I am starting. It wasn't for daily use. I loved the concept and the look. Now that i am working from home, for my full time job, for the last 4 weeks ( like the rest of the world), I am using the Slope everyday, I write on it constantly and i am not wasting any paper."

- Michele, Review Of The Slope

I just got mine today and I love it!!!

“ As a Realtor, it makes it easier to jot info down while on the phone or doing research. Thank you. I love it!"

- Tammy, Review Of The Slope

I love everything about my Fluidstance.

“I use it about 6 hours a day at my standing desk at work. The wood design looks professional and classy like another piece of office furniture. I thoroughly enjoy balancing on it as it's comfortable and the right size for different feet spacings."

- Wendy, Review Of The Level

I love our new Fluidstance!

“I thought I would just use it for my stand up desk, but I am also using it to do twists and balance exercises while I watch TV... LOVE!"

- Christina, Review Of The Level

I love everything about my board.

“The look and feel of it is great and the way I feel while working is so much improved since starting to use the product. I am on it 6+ hours every day. All of my co-workers want one."

- Daniel, Review Of The Level

This is the most brilliant solution to daily to-do’s ever.

“I loved it and then my husband wanted one, so he got one for his birthday and loves it. Sleek, easy to use, cord controller, saves trees - plus there is nothing more satisfying than erasing one of the to dos. As I said - brilliant"

- Susan, Review Of The Slope

I have purchased 3

“I am a private learning specialist and use the kids board in my practice. I have purchased 3, and recommended it to my families. The OT I work with loves it too!"

- Stephanie, Review Of The Grade

Its a great tool to use instead of having sticky notes all over my desk.

“Also, since it's portable, I can move it from one workspace to the other. Overall, it has improved my efficiency. I am recommending that my entire office invest in one of these for each workspace"

- Devang, Review Of The Slope

I love my deck!

“I can stand longer and am more comfortable at my standing desk than ever before. I no longer have any foot or back pain from standing and I have more energy at the end of the day. 10/10 would recommend!"

- Joshua, Review Of The Level

Great stuff and highly recommended.

“Love the board, benefits, philosophy, and company’s environmental focus. Great stuff and highly recommended."

- Harrison, Review Of The Level

Will most definitely keep referring people to Fluidstance.

“Made several purchases myself and referred a few people and every experience has been. I've even contacted customer service a few times and always received fast, friendly, professional and knowledgeable service."

- Cindy, Review Of The Level

This was a HUGE part of her physical therapy program.

“My daughter has cerebral palsy and had spinal cord surgery. After her surgery she had to relearn balance and walking. This was a HUGE part of her physical therapy program. Best part was she was having fun so didn’t realize the “work” she was putting in!! Thank you!!!"

- Linda, Review Of The Grade

I love my fluidstance.

“Knowing that I will work from home for at least another year, it doesn't make sense to sit all day. I've recommended it to my friends who are also working from home."

- Sarah, Review Of The Level

Love this.

“I work from home. Have on my desk. No more water bottles everywhere. Encourages me to drink so much more water."

- Christine, Review Of The Fillup

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