6 Benefits of Using a Coworking Space

6 Benefits of Using a Coworking Space

One of the fastest-growing professional trends, coworking is the practice of sharing a communal workspace with a group of other independent workers. Using a coworking space can be hotbeds of innovation, tending to draw freelancers and entrepreneurs who crave the dynamic structure and community of a shared workspace. 

It may seem like a new WeWork or Impact Hub is popping up on every block, and in fact, the number of coworking spaces nearly doubled every year from 2006 to 2012. Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a small team, or someone who works remotely, coworking is a great way to take your workday to the next level. Check out our top six favorite things about coworking and get on the lookout for a space of your own.

1. Build your network.

When you work at a coworking space, you’ll have opportunities beyond what you’ll find bouncing around coffee shops or working from your home office. You’ll meet people in your industry, as well as those in completely different fields. Coworking is a great chance to build your professional circle and learn from the diverse individuals working around you.

2. Create a space away from home.

It’s easier to practice discipline when you’re away from the temptations of sitting in front of the TV, socializing with your family or roommates, or—worst of all—working from bed all day. You’ll improve your focus and build better work-life balance when you have a place to switch your brain out of the distraction zone and into work mode.

3. Become part of a community.

Running a small business or making a living freelancing can feel lonely. Working in a shared environment invigorates your social life and helps to eliminates that feeling of isolation! Remember that a coworking space is more than just somewhere to set up your desktop—it’s a community of people just like you.

4. Find opportunities to collaborate.

In such close quarters, word travels fast. You’ll be the first to know when there’s a chance to contribute to a project alongside someone in the coworking community. Earn a reputation as a reliable, innovative professional, and your coworking peers will be eager to tap into your expertise!

5. Customize your work environment.

Do you thrive with a more or less structured workspace? Need to jet-set to another coast for weeks at a time? With options for everything from desk rental time to office design, coworking space affords you the flexibility to work however you’d like without the hassle of coordinating leases and decorators.

6. Access a premium workspace.

Whether you need sleek conference rooms for your clients or would just like access to a laser printer, a coworking space offers everything you need. Want to win major bonus points in your workspace? Consider setting up a shared standing work area with a FluidStance deck. We promise it’ll be a hit.

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