FluidStance® Press & Media Coverage

FluidStance® Press & Media Coverage

It’s been an incredibly exciting couple of months for us at FluidStance. We watched the world embrace The Level®, our first shipments went out the door and FluidStance got some exciting press coverage. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from FluidStance® press and media coverage:

“Forget treadmill desks: this device lets you surf in place at your standing desk.” Fast Company  Read the full story here.

“Is this the future of standing desks?” Self Magazine Read the full story here.

“The desk chair of the future is not a chair at all.” The Huffington Post Read the full story here.

“Now that you can surf at your desk, standing is so passe.” Money Magazine Read the full story here. 

“The future of standing desks.” Self Magazine Read the full story here.

“This thing is designed to work with you.” HiConsumption Read the full story here. 

“The Level is the evolution of the standing desk.” GrindTV Read the full story here.

“Forget standing desks – surfing desks are the latest work trend.” Brit+Co Read the full story here.

“The Level brings motion to standing.” Cool Hunting Read the full story

“Motion enables curiosity, giving wings to creativity.” LeStandart Read the full story here.

“This dope new contraption hopes to create motion in our daily work lives.” Stupid Dope Read the full story here.

“You won’t just be surfing the web.” SuperCompressor Read the full story here. 

We’re thrilled the world is embracing our mission to set the world in motion and honored by some of this great FluidStance® Press & Media Coverage! 

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