FluidStance’s 70-20-10 Model for Daily Movement for Desk Warriors: The Balance of Activity in a Workday and How to use Sprint Interval Training to Maximize Shorter Moments of Intensity.

High Intensity Desk Workouts

Introduction to the 70-20-10 FluidStance Activity Model: In the quest for balanced and effective activity habits in our workdays, FluidStance advocates the 70-20-10 model. This innovative approach suggests that 70% of our time should be dedicated to non-exercise physical activity like on a FluidStance Balance Board at your desk, 20% to moderate activities like post meal walks or walking meetings, and the remaining 10% to high-intensity exercise. This model is designed not only to enhance physical fitness but also to integrate seamlessly with our daily lives, ensuring sustainability and long-term health benefits.

  • The Crucial 10%: High-Intensity Training: The 10% high-intensity segment is vital in this model. It’s here that we push our bodies to their peak, yielding significant fitness gains in a shorter duration. This is where Sprint Interval Training (SIT), as outlined in Nicholas Rizzo’s article on RunRepeat, comes into play.
  • Sprint Interval Training (SIT) Explained: SIT involves short, intense bursts of activity followed by longer rest periods. This form of training is not just effective in burning fat but also incredibly time-efficient, making it a perfect fit for the 10% high-activity segment of our activity model.
  • Benefits of SIT in the 70-20-10 Model: Integrating SIT into the 70-20-10 model elevates the efficiency of the high-intensity portion. SIT’s brief yet powerful workouts ensure that you maximize fat burning and cardiovascular benefits in minimal time, adhering to the model's philosophy of balancing activity types for optimal health.
  • Implementing SIT in Your Routine: Incorporating SIT into your weekly routine can be straightforward. For instance, dedicating two to three sessions a week to SIT can fulfill the 10% high-intensity quota. Each session, consisting of several short sprints interspersed with rest, can last from 20 to 30 minutes, fitting perfectly into the model’s structure.

Embracing Efficiency and Effectiveness

By adopting the 70-20-10 activity model and incorporating SIT into the high-intensity segment, we can enjoy a balanced, sustainable, and effective activity regime. This approach not only respects our body's need for varied intensities but also aligns with our daily life demands around work, proving that efficiency and health can indeed go hand in hand. 

We are athletes, even if our paychecks do not come in stadiums. #keepmoving

Who is a “Desk Warrior?”  A Desk Warrior is a working professional who combines the discipline and focus of an athlete with the demands of desk-based work. They champion a balanced approach to their tasks, maintaining physical vitality and mental sharpness to tackle challenges with the perseverance and strategy of a warrior. This individual embodies resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to holistic well-being in the pursuit of excellence in their professional and personal life. Desk Warriors are athletes who just happen to make a living at a desk. We are FluidStance. 

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