Forget Treadmill Desks—Surf In Place At Your Standing Desk

Forget Treadmill Desks—Surf In Place At Your Standing Desk

We’re thrilled to share that today, FastCo Exist – a property of Fast Company – interviewed FluidStance’s founder Joel Heath on how the FluidStance® Level® brings motion to the desk. In the article, “Forget Treadmill Desks: This Device Lets You Surf In Place At Your Standing Desk”, FastCo Exist asks Joel his reason for developing the Level:  “I just felt like there had to be a better way. I started to play with the idea that if you put a subtle rocker under the foot, you could move out of a sedentary state. […] It’s the first 10 minutes that I can tell someone has never been on [the Level]. From behind, you can see their fine twitch muscles working, and as they relax into it, you see their body already knows how to move,” says Heath. 

FastCo Exist goes on to say, “For people who are on the fence about just getting a standing desk, standing on a moving platform might prove to be a bit too much. Heath acknowledges that most people won’t be able to stand on the Level all day. “If people do cold-turkey standing, it hurts. I want to get you to a place where sitting feels good again,” he says.”

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