How to Set Up a Home Office You Love

guide for setting up a home office

Productivity thrives when your work environment allows creative thoughts to bloom and there are minimal distractions. A focus on a healthy atmosphere that is organized and innovative is the approach used in the clever design of modern office spaces. More companies are realizing the benefits of an ergonomic and cleverly designed workspace. However, those who work from home do not have this same luxury of innovation and infrastructure. 

Try incorporating the same approach for setting up a home office from the most innovative workspaces. It also pays to think like an interior design professional so you can create a home office you’ll love. 

Setting Up a Home Office

With more people working from home and remote working being the new standard in the workplace, setting up a home office that supports productivity is essential. Follow these tips for setting up a home office to inspire you to work. 

inspiring home office set up guide

Choose Your Home Office Location 

For some people, choosing the location of their home office is easy. For others, they need to be more creative. Whether you have a dedicated room for your ‘office’ or an empty nook, choose this space wisely. This space must be infrequently used and lack foot traffic. 

Choosing a quiet space will allow you to focus when working in this space. Also, it must be easy to equip it with the home office essentials such as your computer, printer, and papers. If you don’t have an empty room, think about unused areas like the space under the stairs or any empty corners in the house. 

Make it Private

Privacy is not an issue if you have a dedicated room as a home office. However, you need to be more creative when using empty spaces in the house. Privacy is vital to focus on your work and when you have important calls with your co-workers or boss. It is also essential to build privacy in your home office to separate it from the rest of your home. 

A privacy divider is an easy solution when setting up a home office. You can opt for a traditional partition or install curtains. 

Invest in Ergonomics

The furniture you use for your home office might be the most significant investment decision. Invest in ergonomic furniture such as a supportive chair, a standing desk (or a sit-and-stand desk), or an ergonomic desk. Designing an ergonomic workstation is essential to stay comfortable while working and will benefit your health in the long run. 

When sitting at your work desk for several hours, you might notice your neck or back getting sore or painful. Investing in ergonomic furniture will optimize your productivity level. 

If you are using a standing desk, you can also integrate accessories like a balance board to promote the health benefits of standing while working. You must also think about ergonomics when setting up your desk to ensure that your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse can promote good posture. You need to have additional desk space for your papers and documents so they don't clutter your primary working space. Also, the files and folders must be within immediate access from your desk. 

setting up a home office that supports productivity

Master the Layout

The layout for your home office will depend on two factors: the available space in the room and how much furniture you need. 

In most cases, a desk and chair are all you need. If you need more, consider how much space you have and if they can be accommodated. If not, you must be creative using vertical space by installing cabinets that you can use for extra storage of important files and documents. 

The layout of the furniture and other home office accessories can maximize the available space without making it look (and feel) cluttered. 

Think About Home Office Lighting

Room lighting is a crucial aspect of decorating your home office. There should be a balance between natural and artificial light in the room. You can shop for adjustable task lighting to provide focused lighting where you need it. A desk-mounted lamp is also recommended for localized lighting. Keep the light soft and recessed to avoid causing glare. 

Choose a home office with windows to allow natural light into the room. If this isn’t possible since you are using any available space in the home, consider adding lighting fixtures to make the space well-lit. 

Going Green

Adding plants to your home office space offers lots of benefits. NASA published a study in 1989 that demonstrated a plant's ability to enhance air quality. In addition to improving the air quality, plants are also linked to reduced psychological stress and make employees feel happier at work. 

A University of Exeter study claims that keeping your office ‘green’ can boost productivity by 15%. This study was conducted to demonstrate the impact of plants on the design and management of existing workspaces. Use this same approach when designing your home office to make the space more inviting, engaging, and relaxing. 

Add a Personal Touch

The secret to setting up a home office you'll love is incorporating your style. Think of this space as your personal space where you can be productive. Incorporate style elements that match your style or those that make you happy and motivated. 

For example, if you prefer a minimalist design, keep your home office décor minimal. Some people are productive when they have a lot of space and minimal clutter. You can find many minimalist office design inspirations online if this is your style.

Choose pieces that make you happy such as your favorite wall art or a framed inspirational quote. You can also choose a theme when decorating your home office to achieve cohesiveness. 


Planning your setup for a home office makes it easier to make this space practical and aesthetically appealing. It is vital to create a space you will love because you will enjoy it more. When you enjoy your space, you will become more productive and creative. 

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