A Multifaceted Father and ADHD Advocate, Jeffrey Rice

A Multifaceted Father and ADHD Advocate, Jeffrey Rice

Father’s Day is a time to honor and appreciate incredible dads who juggle various roles with grace and dedication. For this Father's Day, we’re spotlighting Jeffrey Rice, an ADHD coach, author of "Your Future ADHD Self," and CrossFit coach, who not only manages his professional responsibilities but also prioritizes his family and personal well-being. His journey offers valuable insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance while nurturing his children’s interests and practicing self-care.

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Jeff has always been an active and busy individual, driven by a natural tendency to stay engaged rather than idle. However, he recognizes the importance of being intentional about setting aside time for his family and himself. “It’s easy to stay focused on the things I have to do,” Jeff explains. “But I need to be intentional about planning and scheduling ‘me time’ and ‘family time.’” By consciously creating this balance, Jeff ensures he can be fully present for his loved ones while also taking care of his personal needs.

Practicing Self-Care and Mental Well-Being

For Jeff, self-care begins with a consistent morning routine. He wakes up earlier than his family to create a quiet space for himself. Each morning starts with a non-enticing task—like emptying the dishwasher—followed by 15 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of reading with his morning coffee, and exercise. “This consistent routine does wonders for my mental health,” Jeff shares. “It demonstrates to my brain that I can do hard things and that I have control over many aspects of my life.” Jeff’s routine underscores the importance of starting the day with purposeful actions that set a positive tone.

Nurturing Children's Interests and Talents

Jeff believes that listening to his children is key to supporting their interests and talents. He emphasizes the importance of respecting their choices, even if their hobbies are different from his own. “By taking the time to really listen to them, we show them that we respect their interests,” Jeff says. This approach not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also helps Jeff discover mutual interests that enhance their relationship.

Reflecting on Fatherhood

When asked about his aspirations growing up, Jeff recalls that, above all else, he always wanted to be a father. “No matter what directions my schooling and career would take me, I knew that fatherhood was going to be the most important thing for me,” he reflects. This deep-seated desire has shaped Jeff’s approach to parenting, making it his top priority to be a loving and supportive father.

Favorite Products for Work-Life Harmony

Jeff’s favorite FluidStance product is the Slope, which has become an essential part of his daily workflow. “Having a place to immediately and consistently dump distracting thoughts and ideas has been a critical strategy that has helped me manage my ADHD brain,” he explains. The Slope, along with the FluidStance Flow cards, helps Jeff stay organized and focused, enhancing his productivity and efficiency.

See Jeff's full Instagram Post about the Slope

This Father’s Day, we celebrate dads like Jeff Rice, who exemplify the delicate balance of work, family, and self-care. His story is a reminder that intentionality, routine, and genuine listening can create a fulfilling and harmonious life for both parents and children. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

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