Looking for a Standing Desk? Here are Our Top 5 Picks

Looking for a Standing Desk? Here are Our Top 5 Picks

You’ve already heard about the many benefits of standing vs. sitting, from increased calorie burn, to less back pain, better health, higher quality of life, and more. If you’re ready to stand up and shift out of a sedentary position and into one that allows you to move more, we’ve compiled some of our favorite standing desk options to make your transition as easy as possible. There are so many options for every style, budget, and preference, so let’s show you a few.

1. HumanScale Quickstand

It’s easy to see why the HumanScale Quickstand received Interior Design magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Award. They truly thought of everything when designing this desk. What makes the Quickstand really stand out are the multiple layer options and thousands of height permutations with the screen and keyboard area both adjustable. It can be difficult to keep good posture, even with a standing desk, so the Quickstand makes it easier to make it just right for you and your height. 

2. Varidesk PRODESK® 60 Electric

The Varidesk PRODESK® 60 Electric has become a fan favorite thanks to its easy assembly, quiet motor, and simple design. A fantastic complement to any modern work space that allows you to change between sitting and standing within seconds and at the touch of the button. Varying between sitting and standing throughout the day is so important for good posture and it is clear that Varidesk understands that given their name and that functionality seamlessly built into their products.

3. Artifox

The Artifox standing desk is so sleek, discrete, and cool we don’t know who wouldn’t envy this desk. With a mid-century modern flair, yet unrivaled functionality, we are in love with its simple, minimalist design. Pegs to hang things from are practical, but we especially love the integrated charging port. Paired with magnetic clasps down the legs to gather your cords, Artifox put some thought to keeping all of your items powered, but neatly and out of sight, which means your office stays cool and clutter-free. 

4. Retro

Looking for a standing desk that is a little more unique? If your standing desk purchase is a moment to really treat yourself, the Retro Crank Desk is for you. This industrial—and very sturdy—piece is one way to really make a statement about your commitment to ditching a life of sitting. With a bright, 10-inch cast iron hand crank wheel and a two-inch thick piece of your choice of either solid hardwood or heavy gauge plate steel, the Retro is an investment for a lifetime. Each of these desks are individually made by hand and are built to last, dare we say, well past your usage even?

5. DIY Standing Desks

Studies have shown that when people build furniture themselves, they feel a greater sense of attachment and pride for that object than someone who purchases a pre-assembled item. So build a desk for you, by you, and exactly how you want it. A good jumping off point for some very easy-to-do desk hack ideas is our standing desk hack video series. From using items around the office to actually wielding a hammer and a nail, these videos may may just help you make your perfect standing desk today. 

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