Fluidstance Accessories 108 Focus Timer
Fluidstance Accessories 108 Focus Timer
Fluidstance Accessories 108 Focus Timer
Fluidstance Accessories 108 Focus Timer
108 Timer for Focus
Fluidstance Accessories 108 Focus Timer

108 Timer for Focus

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Prepare your brain to focus with a 108-second micro-rest.

  • So many distractions, so little time. And they're affecting your ability to focus on your work, which means you might not be getting it done, or getting it done well.
  • Introduce your brain to the practice of focal training with our 108-second timer and help build your capacity for better focus. Just flip the timer, focus on the sand moving through it, and clear and reset your mind.
  • Slow your breathing and heart rate, reduce stress, and prepare your brain to focus so you can bring your best work to life.

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Product Details

So many distractions, so little time. Just like you, we here at FluidStance experience a daily barrage of digital notifications and other interruptions. Realizing how hard it can be to regain focus after a distraction and get back to what we were doing, we decided we could use a little help. In researching the topics of focus and distractions, we came across Dr. Andrew Huberman, a Neuroscientist at Stanford University.

Dr. Huberman states, “Mental Focus Follows Visual Focus.” He suggests that if we limit our visual window to a single point before starting a project, or upon experiencing a distraction, we can build our capacity for better focus and deeper work.

The 108 Focus Timer is a simple tool that can help build our mental capacity by encouraging us to engage in brief “micro-rests.” In doing so, we can then truly focus on the work that matters and be dedicated to that single moment, project, or task.

The 108 is not complicated, it doesn’t have a power cord or an app to keep you accountable. It’s just you, 108 seconds of sand and your own discipline to give you the focus you need before you bring your best work to life. You may be surprised at the effort this requires! The more you practice this, the better you’ll be at returning to deep focus after a distraction.

Made of hand-blown glass, with black biodegradable silica sand that sits in a custom natural cork base, perfect for your desk or shelf.

1.7” wide x 3.35” high (including base).
Weight: 1.9oz.


Why 108 seconds?
Any time amount between 1-2 minutes is acceptable for short-burst focal training. We gravitated to 108 seconds as it is special in a number of places in the natural and spiritual world. The diameter of the sun is 108 times the earth. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is also about 108 times the diameter of the Moon. Malas beads come in a string of 108 and are used for devotional meditation.

Is it exactly 108 seconds?
Because of the nature of sand, the timer could be off by as much as +- 10 seconds, but typically it is pretty close.

How do I use this?
To increase your level of focus on the work you’re doing (or rather, trying to do), put the timer where it’s fully visible (ideally right in front of you) and comfortable for you to look at. Flip the timer and just watch the sand traveling from the top through to the bottom. Don’t get bored, don’t let something distract you; in fact, you should turn off your various device notifications just in case. Visually focusing on the sand moving through the timer for a period of time creates “top-down” attentional engagement, and can actually be difficult to do. Once the sand has reached the bottom, move onto your task at hand and enjoy a deeper, more focused output. Expect your mental focus to flicker on and off, especially when you first start. But eventually this will become easier and your brain will have greater capacity to regain focus after an interruption.

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