FluidStance Deck Blue Coal The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original
FluidStance Deck Apple Red The Original
FluidStance Deck Taxi Cab Yellow The Original
The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original
FluidStance Deck The Original

The Original

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Our category-creating premium balance board for stand desks

  • Ultra eco-friendly, Bamboo top deck, strong enough to withstand the weight of a truck driving over it.
  • No Formaldehydes added, Low Emission VOC 
  • Strengthen and stabilize your body while standing on the Original’s 360-degree-tilt base.
  • Each Original now comes with a FREE Challenge Cap—that's a $49 value!
  • Recommended for users under 350 pounds.
  • Ships in 6-8 business days

We build our products to last, that’s why we guarantee them for life. Should you ever have any manufacturing defects, email us at flow@fluidstance.com and we will repair or replace for free. It’s that simple.

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Product Details

Transform the way you work and how you feel about it. Make work more fun, be more productive, and do good things for your body. It’s all possible! 

How? With The Original, our category-creating balance board. And when we say Original, we mean it literally…this was our first board to market and is our most premium offering, differentiated from the rest of our line by its ultra eco-friendly Bamboo top deck, its extreme sturdiness — strong enough to withstand the weight of our founder’s truck driving over it — and the custom colors.

The minute you step on to the Original’s top deck and start moving, you’ll notice a difference in how you work. Your mind will focus, while your body will respond with natural micro-movements that will soothe stiff joints, burn calories, keep you awake and alert (yes, you can avoid those afternoon snoozies!), and strengthen and stabilize your body.

According to a study of over 400 FluidStance users, a vast majority felt more comfortable and more productive after using their board for just one week. 

Oh, about that fun part we mentioned…an eye-popping 83% of users feel happier when using our decks. So what are you waiting for?

  • 26.5" long x 12.2" wide x 2.5" tall — About as big as a skateboard. Die-cast aluminum base is .19” thick.
  • Weight: 7lbs, 12oz — About as heavy as a small cat.
  • Recommended for users under 350 pounds.
  • Please note - For International orders, all sales are final as we are unable to process returns or refunds.
  • Do I need a standing desk to use a deck?
  • Our purpose at FluidStance® is to help set the world in motion. Using a deck at a standing desk is a great way to introduce more movement into your workspace, but you can take advantage of FluidStance benefits in any environment.

  • How much height does a deck add?
  • FluidStance decks add roughly 2.5 to 3 inches of height. If you have a standing workstation we recommend an adjustable desk to account for the added height. Adding raisers can also be a great way to keep your workstation at an ergonomically optimal height. Don't have a standing desk? No problem. The decks are designed to add movement to any space (work, home, classroom). Just step on and start flowing.

  • How do the various models of FluidStance decks differ?
  • All of our decks are designed to add the same subtle motion to your day. While the functional geometry remains consistent between models, the range in pricing options is a result of variations between materials and manufacturing processes. 

    The Original was literally our first board to market, and is our most premium balance board, featuring a sustainable bamboo top deck and a sturdy base of military-grade aluminum finished with a custom-color powder-coat. We've tested the Original to hold up to 350 lbs.

    The Level®  has a top deck made of premium wood available in either a natural or Walnut finish, with a base of die-cast aluminum. We've tested the Level to hold up to 300 lbs.

    The Plane® Cloud features the same, carefully engineered, 360-degree-tilt geometry as our other decks but is made from recycled plastic. It has a slightly smaller footprint and its textured foam top is not only made from naturally non-microbial materials to prevent odor, but it is also 100% recyclable. The Plane Cloud comfortably holds up to 250 lbs.

    The Grade® is made from over 90% post-consumer recycled materials: recycled post-consumer plastic such as milk jugs for the base, while the top deck is made from recycled low-emitting rubber tires. We've tested the Grade to hold up to 125 lbs.

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