Balance Boards

The Level® and Original are our signature balance boards designed with movement in mind.

FluidStance® balance boards are third-party vetted and rigorously tested to ensure you safely stay in motion.

Customers use our balance boards for:
• Standing desks
• Conference calls and meetings
• Off-season training for surfing, skiing, and snowboarding
• Making homework & screen-time more active for kids
• Addressing lower back, knee, ankle, and foot  pain, including pre-hab and rehab


Best Sellers

The Original

The Level

What others say about our balance boards:

Our Balance Boards Are Backed by Science

We put the Fluidstance® deck through 3rd-party rigorous testing in two separate phases of development to optimize design functionality and benefits. Research from independent organizations such as Mayo Clinic, The University of Idaho, and Heeluxe Testing Lab validate the health benefits of using one of our decks. No other balance board  has this science behind it.