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Make their work flow better with a gift from FluidStance.

Say thanks to your employees, partners, and clients with gifts from FluidStance. It’s been a weird year and with many of us working from home and juggling more things at the same time than usual, optimizing our workspaces for maximum focus, comfort, productivity, and happiness is more important than ever.

Whether you want to help your teams stay active with a FluidStance balance board, or help them clear clutter from their desks to improve focus and encourage creativity with Slope, FluidStance can help.

Deck Customization

Customize your FluidStance balance boards to include a laser-etched design on the top deck for a special, tailor-made result.

Slope Customization

Printed on 100% powder-coated steel, your design or logo will be an added touch to these tree-saving desktop whiteboards.

Corporate Gifts

Give the incentive to move by ordering Fluidstance products in bulk for your next corporate gift or special event.

Raise Monitor Riser

Raise + Slope Power Pack

Wall Magnetic Whiteboard

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