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FluidStance® Office Yoga Series

We believe movement is key to a happy, healthy life and are always looking for ways to stay both physically active and mentally engaged during the workday. Our new Office Yoga Series is a great way to take a break from your hectic day and reset both your mind and your body. Created by @KellyHeathYoga, do them one-by-one, mix and match elements, or try the full 18-minute program when you need the extra boost. You'll return to your tasks feeling more relaxed, focused, and productive.

Office Yoga Series

Series: Earth

Series: Water

Series: Space

Series: Air

Series: Fire

18 Minute Class

Series 2: Focus

Series 2: Hands/Wrist

Series 2: Meditation

Series 2: Shoulders

Series 2: 20 min Sequence

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In addition to our decks, we carry a variety of accessories like mats and racks.


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