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Motion enables curiosity, giving wings to creativity.  Our collective, creative move awaits...  - Joel, FluidStance Founder

We weren’t meant to sit all day. In fact, our bodies were designed to move, and chances are your workspace doesn’t let you do that.

We know that a sedentary lifestyle has negative effects on our overall health. But how do we add that healthy motion to our day? FluidStance founder Joel Heath came up with the idea for The Level, our beautifully designed motion platform that brings movement into any common workspace, after personally noticing the effects of a sedentary workday. Joel launched the company with the introduction of the Level® and the Original on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Today, we have an expanded product line and a full team whose focus is on movement as the ultimate solution—in which the combination of sitting, standing, and “flowing” are the keys to a happy workday.