FluidStance Raise Monitor Riser

Raise 24"


FluidStance Desk Shelf with Charger

Raise 36"+


Premium Desktop Monitor Shelves
De-clutter your workspace and improve your ergonomics with Raise 24" and Raise 36"+.

Our premium monitor risers elevate your monitor to eye-level, providing optimal ergonomics, which can help reduce neck pain, eye strain, and poor posture.

The elegant and minimalist appearance allows it to blend perfectly into any workspace, while silicone grommets ensure a secure grip and protect the surface of your desk.

The solid foundation of Raise 36+ easily holds a large primary monitor or two 20" monitors side by side, while the felt-lined recessed cavities on top provide a perfect resting place for your charger or favorite writing utensils.

Raise 36+ also includes a powerful 8000mAh Powerbank charger with a micro USB input, Type-C input, and 2 USB inputs. This compact charger nestles seamlessly into the custom felt-lined cavity on top of the shelf, or can slip into your pocket for an on-the-go charge anytime you need it.

We continue our focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials by constructing Raise from 13-ply veneer plywood and sourcing 100% steel for its legs, before using a low-emission process to finish the product’s aesthetics.

• Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.
• 30-Day No-Risk Return Policy.

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office balance board

Raise 24"

standing desk balance board

Raise 36"+

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