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Work Happy, Live Moved.

FluidStance Decks and Accessories to Keep You Balanced and Moving

The Plane, a balance board for a stand up desk

The Plane

The Plane™ is the little brother of the category-creating Level. Made in the USA of recyclable materials, this powerful motion board has earned its spot in our line of quality decks. Slightly more compact, the Plane is equally at home in your TV room or kitchen as it is at your standing desk at work.

  • Carries up to 200 pounds
  • Goes with a Base Mat and the Holster™

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    The Level, a balance board for a standup desk

    The Level®

    Our bestselling Level®, also designed and built in California, is a close relative of the Original. Each premium silver base boasts .190" walls made of die-cast aluminum. Select from three wooden tops, beautifully constructed of high-quality multi-ply maple or bamboo.

  • Carries up to 250 pounds
  • Goes with any Mat and the Holster™

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    Original balance board for a standing desk

    The Original

    Our Original deck raises the balance board to the highest standard. Available in five colors, the premium base is fortified with .250" walls of military grade aluminum and is sand-cast by hand in California using an eco-friendly "Green Sand Process," limiting waste and increasing strength.

  • Carries up to 300 pounds
  • Goes with any Mat and the Holster™

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    A Small Fleet of balance boards


    Perfect for multiple users, our Fleet offerings fit into any shared workspace or learning environment, encouraging movement and collaboration. Choose from a fleet of 5 Originals, Levels, or Planes. The High-Five Rack is included at an exclusive price.