Introducing Springboard

A new kind of anti-fatigue mat for your standing desk.

At FluidStance, we believe in creating workspaces that move us.


Passive standing mats on the market today only suck you in and offer no movement, something your body desperately needs throughout the day. Those mats eventually get stamped with your footprint, making you feel like you’re just standing on the floor--again.

Our design for Springboard inspires movement. We’ve meticulously laser-engineered the strong, durable wood surface to deliver a step-on flexion that moves with you. Combined with a thick, cushy felt frame, the flexibility of the wood top encourages micro-movements from your body, extending the amount of time you can stand and work without fatigue. You will experience a subtle yet responsive bounce, keeping you more active and comfortable.

Even better? Springboard’s eco-friendly materials–-five-ply Baltic wood atop a blended natural wool felt and a recycled rubber no-slip-grip bottom–-offer a more sustainable alternative to the traditional petroleum-based anti-fatigue mats that end up in landfills.

Get more out of where you stand.

Lower Risk of diseases

Adding small movements to your day can greatly benefit your health such as lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke. Springboard’s flexible wood top keeps your body moving without you even knowing it!

IncreaseD Productivity

Research has shown that decreased sitting showed a significant difference in improving worker’s health and productivity. Incorporating a mix of sitting, standing and movements can be beneficial to your workday.

Eco-friendly materials

Other mats on the market can contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that offsets gasses in your home affecting long-term health. Springboard is made with 100% all natural materials so you won’t have to worry about indoor air quality.

Stand Comfortably

In a recent study, discomfort and fatigue was associated with standing on hard ground, including soreness in the legs along with pain in the soles of the feet which were greatly improved when using anti-fatigue mats.

Walnut Finish (Dark)

Natural Finish (Light)

Start standing better at your desk, in your kitchen, or wherever you move.

Get a little play and a ton of comfort with the Springboard.