Standing Desk Balance Boards

The Level® and Original are our signature balance boards designed with the standing desk in mind.

Using a FluidStance® balance board at your standing desk increases your energy expenditure by over 19% versus just sitting. This means you’re actively burning calories while you work.


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The Level®


What others are saying about our balance boards for the standing desk:


I've completely transformed how I work in the pandemic at home with the fluidstance board. I'm able to work standing up for much longer periods by using the board and alternating standing on it and stepping off. If you're someone who works at home or at a desk, this little piece of wood and it's magical metal frame will change your life.


-Jeremy V


I do a lot of data work and had been sitting for long stretches. Now I stand for 6 to 8 hours on my board while working and feel energetic instead of cooped up.


-Trisha C


The switch from standing to using the level was a bit strange at first, but the first day after I got off the level, I felt great!


-Dylan S

More Reviews

Anonymous on Aug 26, 2019
Standing can be fun
I love my fliudstance. I take more advantage of my standing desk now.

Anonymous on Aug 06, 2019
Balanced and focused
I LOVE my FluidStance level. I've been standing at my desk most of the day since I got it. It has also
been popular with many others in my office asking to borrow it, and now 3 other people have purchased
their own. I find I'm able to focus much better while standing on my FluidStance because my feet and legs
can fidget.

Michael M. on Jul 29, 2019
Great tool for the optimist
With extending work hours and a little one at home I have to find creative ways to mix use my hours in the
day. This is a perfect tool to keep me on my feet and moving when still grounded to the desk.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2019
Good stuff!
I ride this thing 8 hours a day and love it. Now, sitting feels weird. I believe that it has increased my
calorie burn and gives a little core workout over time.

Costel C. on Mar 21, 2019
Love this!
Love my balance board. It has greatly improved my posture and my core is activated all day.

Anonymous on Mar 03, 2019
Computer Work Is so Much More Enjoyable
I use a standing desk at work in an office job and my FluidStance has made workdays so much more
enjoyable! I find my legs feel better at the end of the day and I have more energy overall. I was hesitant
about this purchase because of the cost, but after several months of using it, I'm so glad I made this
investment in my health. I highly recommend a UPmat for extra comfort. I use my Level on a thin carpeted
floor with no base mat.

Dylan S. on Jan 01, 2019
Great Change
The switch from standing to using the level was a bit strange at first, but the first day after I got off the
level, I felt great!

I could feel the work my lower body had done, and after checking my fitness tracker, confirmed that I had
definitely burned more calories than I would have using just my standing desk.
If you want to squeeze in that much more activity when stuck behind a desk most of the working day, I
highly recommend getting a level board.

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