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I just wanted to write a quick message while standing on my Level. It has completely revolutionized my work day and I am loving every minute of it. I feel more awake and alert, and I love being able to constantly move around while in front of the computer screen. Keep doing what you’re doing.
— Jamie - London, England
The Level is the bee’s knees. As a hyper, outdoorsy biz owner working too many hours, the stand up desk was a big change. The Level has revolutionized my office time. Two weeks in and I am a raving fan here in MI.
— Steve - Brighton, Michigan
My FluidStance arrived last week and it is fantastic. I have been using a standing desk since 2004 and this is an incredible improvement on an already good thing.
— Kirstin - Madison, Wisconsin
Just wanted to let you know I love my Level. It has absolutely increased my comfort during the day. I divide my day between sitting and standing, and now with the Level, I really look forward to the standing periods. Thank you for the innovation!
— Lisa - Chicago, Illinois
A friend linked me to your site a couple of months ago - brilliant - I ordered a board a few clicks later. My board arrived yesterday - unfortunately, I’ve only ridden it for about half the time its been out of the box - it gets ‘borrowed’ by my co-workers when I step away...
— Chris - San Carlos, California
Just wanted to let you know that my new Level arrived and I LOVE it. Using it with my stand-up desk (barefoot), been doing yoga stretches in between responding to emails! I have already become a fluidstance ambassador among my work mates. Thank you!
— Matt - Middlefield, Connecticut
Have been using mine for weeks now and LOVEEEE it! Has totally changed the game in my office…thank you for your hard work!
— Brad - La Mesa, California
I am now swiveling on my board in my office for the first time. Like many others I’m sure, I was quite dubious about the potential value and performance given the price, but I can see the advantages immediately. The design really is elegant, and my fears of falling off non-existent. I do think that the design is much better suited to desk use than the usual gym wobble boards.
— Marion - Pegram, Tennessee
I’m on my feet virtually all day, and have found the FluidStance is just what I need to maintain an active core. I type on my computer with it at a height that gives me a 90 degree angle with my arms while standing. Essentially I changed my habits because there is good evidence that the cardiovascular risks of sitting all day equate to habits like smoking. This is a quality product.
— Dave Olson, M.D.
My husband purchased the level and a standing desk for me for Valentine’s day! I love it, I know I can stand and walk longer, I feel stronger and I know my weight distribution is better on my feet.
— Valerie - Santa Barbara, California

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