Kids stuck at home?
Keep them moving with The Grade® For Kids

Being a kid means having boundless energy and the need to move, which do not make the best combination in our current work from home/school from home situation. The Grade helps children channel their energy in a positive way, making it easier for them  (and you!) to focus. Plus, a little physical activity can go a long way these days.


Keep Kids Moving

A stay at home order means normal activity levels aren't possible, whether it's daily recess or after-school sports. Kids are home all the time now, where they tend to watch TV, game, read, or play on their electronic devices,. Hopping on The Grade adds motion to their day, helping to raise their heart rates and expend more energy. Wouldn't you rather have your kids moving than sitting?

Focused Energy

Kids have a lot of energy, so it can be a challenge getting them to focus., especially when they're out of their normal routines. The Grade provides an outlet for their energy by getting them to stand, in motion, when they're doing things. The motion is subtle and non-distracting, so they can still be productive. And, doing schoolwork on a cool balance board is a lot more fun!


At FluidStance, we pride ourselves in making eco-friendly products and the Grade is no exception. It's made of post-consumer recycled plastics like milk jugs for the base and recycled rubber tires for the top deck. And, nearly the entire product can be recycled, reducing landfill over time. It's good for your kids and good for the planet! And did we mention it's Made in the USA?

 - What Parents & Teachers Are Saying About the Grade - 

FluidStance has been a great tool for my kids to use at home while they’re playing video games

“It was a great way to add motion into a typically sedentary activity. And they have loved it." 
- Russell (Parent), Review Of The Grade®


It’s a great way for wiggly kids in my first-grade class.

“We shared decks in the classroom and they were really popular movement tools. My students had really creative uses—they would lay along on top and rock as they read, they would sit and do their work on them, and stand."
- Kathy (Kindergarten- 5 th teacher), Review Of The Grade®


Grade® For Kids

Kids Balance Board

Available in kid-friendly colors and recycled plastic, the Grade® kids balance board is for active kids who need to keep moving when they're doing their homework, gaming, reading, eating, and more. Like our top-sellers, this balance board kids edition enables non-distracting motion. And it’s a great way for kids to expend extra energy. The Grade® reflects our continued commitment to sustainability. Its materials are composed of post-consumer recycled plastics like milk jugs for the base, as well as recycled rubber tires for the top deck. And, nearly the entire product can be recycled, reducing landfill over time. Good for your kids and for the planet!

• 24” long x 12” wide x 2.5” tall Weight: 6lbs, 9oz
• Designed for use up to 125 pounds
•Made in the USA; designed and built in California
•Ships in 1-2 business days


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