Improve your desktop flow with FluidStance® whiteboards.

Our premium, eco-friendly whiteboard products are the perfect accessories for a happier and healthier experience wherever you work. They expand the usability of your workspace by providing a magnetic dry-erase surface that gives your ideas room to roam, space for capturing quick thoughts, mapping out project timelines, or pinning up inspirations. All while decluttering your desk, making for a cleaner flow and a calmer, more productive mind. 

Even better? They'll help reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating disposable paper notes—every year, 50 Billion paper sticky notes are made. That’s millions of trees cut down from our amazing forests. In fact, for every Slope purchased, we plant one tree to help replenish those forests.

Our Whiteboard Collection Offers Several Options


The Slope is made in the US of 100% steel. The Slope's raised surface means you can slide your keyboard under it for storage. The Slope helps reduce your eco-footprint and organize your daily notes, it's a win-win.



Lift™ is our two-in-one personal whiteboard and laptop riser that improves the ergonomics of your workspace—and your comfort—by raising your laptop to the ideal height for viewing as a primary or secondary monitor.


Wall Magnetic Whiteboard

Need more space for your big ideas, long lists, and project timelines? Want more privacy while you work? The FluidStance® Wall™ does both, bringing flexibility to the power of whiteboard space.


Sustainability First.

We've gone the extra mile for all of our products to use eco-conscious materials whenever possible, working with local companies, choosing sustainable manufacturing processes, and building our products to last. Our premium dry erase products are no exception—they are made of 100% heavy-duty steel and are powder-coated using a low-emissions method near our warehouse in Santa Barbara, California. 

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