Create Your Best Work From Home Space

Working from home these days? Creating a productive space while working from home isn't always easy. We have the perfect workplace tools to help you maximize your productivity while working from home.


Stay Organized


Note taking is essential, and at home it's easy to misplace personal notes and work notes. The Slope is here to help your stay organized at your work from home station. Made from powder coated stainless steel this dry erase board fits perfectly between your monitor and keyboard. Plus, the average keyboard fits underneath the Slope for an organized workspace once your workday is over.


Keep Moving

The Level®

Make the most of your workday by adding some movement throughout your day. The Level balance board adds just enough movement to your day without being distracting. When we physically lock ourselves in a sedentary state our minds tend to follow. Yet, when we have the ability to move, we benefit from mental exploration to be productive in any workplace environment.


Stay Hydrated

Fillup™ Water Tower

Lack of hydration has a significant impact on your daily life, and can make you feel sluggish, dizzy, and unfocused. The Fillup is an all-day hydration tank for your work from home station. Fillup holds 70 ounces of liquid, and is double walled so your daily hydration stays cool. Plus by using a single water tank you save four plastic water bottles from being used - good for the environment and good for you.


 - Make Your Own DIY Standing Desk -

The Printer Paper Desk

The Pallet Desk

The Pipe Desk

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