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The Fleet - Original

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Five Originals & Hi-5 Rack

Choose between 3 colors.

Place your fleet of Originals in a conference room or any common work area and empower your team with more movement, energy, focus, and a more balanced workday. Beautifully feature and store your Originals with the included Hi-5 Rack in Re-Wood recycled wood materials, offered at an exclusive price.

The Original is FluidStance's category-creating deck. Its premium base is sand cast by hand in California using a "Green Sand Process" to limit waste and increase strength with .250" walls of military-grade aluminum. This hand-casting process generates zero waste, with the sand molds being recycled and excess aluminum trimmings being placed back into the supply chain. The top deck, a solid half-inch of three-ply bamboo made with low-emitting materials, is CNC milled and finished in a local woodshop. Final etching is completed within 5 miles of our offices in Santa Barbara.

    • Each deck is 26.5" long x 12.2" wide x 2.5" tall
    • Approximate weight of each deck: 7lbs, 11oz
    • Each deck is designed for use up to 300 pounds
    • The Hi-5 Rack is 23 lbs, 38.5" x 15" x 1"
    • Cast by hand
    • Made in the USA

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