FluidStance Lake UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance Jade UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance Brick UPmat + Challenge Cap
FluidStance Charcoal UPmat + Challenge Cap

UPmat + Challenge Cap

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Added cushion for your balance board.

Add extra cushion to your day with our dual-function UPmat®, the standing desk mat that gives you the flexibility to work in comfort both on and off your Level® or Original deck. Created with 5/8” thick PLUSfoam®, our UPmat is extremely lightweight yet offers high impact resistance. And, it is 100% recyclable. The UPmat can be adhered to the top of your deck with adhesive gel pads (included), yet is still removable in the event you want to use the UPmat by itself by placing it on the floor beneath your feet. As with all of our products, we pay attention to both design and functionality—the UPmat has a chamfered bottom to hug your deck for a more perfect fit.

The closed-cell compounds of the UPmat are naturally non-microbial to prevent odor, so whether you work barefoot or in shoes, this versatile mat has you covered.

If you're looking for a short burst of activity, the Challenge Cap will give you a great new experience.

Designed for Level and Original users to offer a more demanding experience for a short bursts of time, the Challenge Cap gives you more of a workout than the all-day balance work you’re used to. Adding a Challenge Cap to the bottom of your deck increases your balance point, requiring your body to work a little harder.

Small and light, the Challenge Cap easily snaps on and off the base of your Level or Original for a quick workout. This surprisingly subtle piece will require a greater level of concentration from you, rewarding you with increased physical demand when you're looking for a quick challenge.

Note: The Challenge Cap is more appropriate for shorter periods of 30 minutes or less and not for multiple hours of use due to the increased demand on your body. Therefore, we recommend continuing to use your balance board without the Cap for most of your typical work day.


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Product Details
  • 26.5" long x 12.2" wide x 0.625” thick
  • Made of 100% recyclable material
  • Created with PLUSfoam® zero-waste technology
  • Designed and assembled in California; foam provided from China.
  • Decks sold separately; not for use on top of the Plane®

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