Balance Board vs. Wobble Board: Which is Better for Your Workspace?

Balance Board vs. Wobble Board: Which is Better for Your Workspace?

When standing desks were first introduced, they quickly gained attention, and now they are more popular than ever. Employees who work on a computer all day are tired of dealing with the chronic back and neck pain of sitting for too long and they are ready to jump at an alternative – a standing desk. Even with the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk, it does have its limitations. If you want to increase the health benefits of a standing desk, there are two options for you: balance board or wobble board. 

In this guide, you will learn the difference between each and how you can maximize their use.

What is a Balance Board?

Before they became a standing desk accessory, balance boards were known as a fitness tool. The user must stand on it while keeping their balance and posture. In the fitness industry, balance boards are recommended for injury rehabilitation or workout aids to get more muscles engaged, especially the core muscles. 

In the office, balance boards are becoming more visible. This tool is designed to make it easy to shift your weight from one side of your body to another. Of course, users can enjoy the same benefits of balance boards when used for fitness reasons – increased balance and stability. There are plenty of types of balance boards available, and wobble boards are one of them. 

What is a Wobble Board?

A wobble board is a specific type of balance board that features a round shape. This tool comes with a spherical fulcrum that is mounted at the center. This design enables you to move the board around in different directions instead of a side-to-side motion like in most balance boards. 

The use of a wobble board requires more skill and balance. It also offers more versatility due to the multi-directional movement that it can offer the user. This tool is an excellent choice for beginners but is best for intermediate users.

Balance Board vs. Wobble Board in the Office

Supplementing your standing desk with accessories like balance or wobble boards is always welcome. Using these accessories can increase the beneficial health effects of standing at work. So, how do you choose between a balance board and a wobble board?

The decision is up to you. Both types of boards allow you to incorporate movement into your workday routine when standing at work. You can choose based on your innate balancing ability and the kind of challenge you want to get from these standing desk accessories.

The ergonomic balance board is ideal for beginners. Depending on which board you get, the range of motion for some isn’t too dramatic. It’s enough to keep you focused at work while balancing and engaging your core muscles. The height of the board is also enough so you won’t get injured if you fall off or your balance is not perfect. These are factors to consider if you are new to using balancing boards while at a standing desk.

Meanwhile, a wobble board gives you a 360-degree tilt, so more range of motion is involved. The goal is to stand on the board and balance without letting the edge touch the ground. If you have balance issues, it can be challenging to use. This type of board is recommended for intermediate users because of its moderate difficulty level. 

How to Choose a Balance Board for your Standing Desk

Balance boards are one of the most popular accessories for a standing desk. This accessory is designed to promote the health benefits of a standing desk by incorporating more movement into your body.

If you are new to shopping for balance boards for the office, you might assume they are all the same. To begin with, balance boards for the office are different from the balance trainers designed for fitness purposes. The former is bigger and offers more stability. Its balancing mechanism is suited for beginners and intermediate users. The goal of using a board for balancing is to incorporate movement but not distract you from work.

Consider the following factors when choosing a balance board for a standing desk:

  • Type – The type of balance board refers to the base used. There are two common options available: a semicircle board or a circle board. Each type will present a challenge for your balance and stability.
  • Size of Deck – Taller users will require a bigger board to allow enough space to maneuver and maintain balance.
  • Material – The board’s material determines the comfort level of the user. Choose a material that won’t cause foot pain, especially if your shoes lack cushion or protection.
  • Budget – The balance boards come in a wide range of prices. You can get ones for $20 or up to $500.

Is a Standing Desk Balance Board Necessary?

In general, getting up and moving around is good for you. If you switch to a standing desk, balance boards can be a fun and engaging way to incorporate movement into your day and build up strength in your muscles.

This activity can bring two-fold benefits. First, you beat physical inactivity, which can be debilitating to your health. And second, it can strengthen your muscles and make you less prone to suffering from aches and pains in these muscles. Even micro-movements such as balancing can build stability and make your muscles stronger over time. 

Aside from this, balancing can also be beneficial to your brain. It improves concentration, mental focus, and other motor skills when you balance. Regular exercise on these neural networks can improve synchronization between the mind and body. 

Depending on your skill level, you can choose to add a balance board or a wobble board to your standing desk setup. These standing desk accessories vary in price; some are affordable while others are expensive. They are not a necessity but are undoubtedly good to have if you can afford them. If you choose to buy one, you can enjoy the beneficial effects on your physical and mental well-being.

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