Boost Productivity with FluidStance's On-Desk InFlow System: Organize, Innovate, and Achieve

Boost Productivity with FluidStance's On-Desk InFlow System: Organize, Innovate, and Achieve

The FluidStance InFlow System redefines how you manage ideas, tasks, and innovation with a focus on productivity, flow, and innovation. Driven by FluidStance’s eco-friendly Flow Cards, this system includes a personal dry erase desk board, a monitor and laptop riser, a desk organizer, and a bulletin board. This comprehensive setup empowers you to unlock your potential and foster innovative thinking. Here's how it works:

Flow Cards: Visualize and Organize

Utilize color-coded Flow Cards to represent different categories—Pro-Tip: Utilize color-coded Flow Cards to represent different innovation categories—Near-term (White), Mid-term (Gray), and Long-Term (Orange) Innovation/Impact. Write or print your ideas, tasks, or plans on the corresponding Flow Cards, fostering clarity and organization.

Fluidstance Desktop Flow Cards

  • Near Term: The near-term category should represent 70% of your effort and resources to tasks that deliver your near-term goals (aka your bread and butter) that “pays the bills.”
  • Mid is a 20% investment of time and resources to mid-term goals that will create organic extensions of your core offering in 12-24 months to ensure organic growth in the next 2-3 years.
  • Long-Term: Lastly, the 10% represents innovation which are “moonshots” for long-term innovation which will give you concepts that can drastically alter your future over the next decade.
The ideas, investments, risks, and expectations are managed differently among the three categories. The near-term should be obvious innovations with low risk, while the mid is adjacent innovation with medium risk. The long-term innovation category allows for high-risk/high-reward ideas to cultivate under a separate set of rules for true innovation to thrive in an open culture of what is possible.


Innovation Hub: 

Utilizing the Landing Strip, this real estate serves as the launchpad for innovation, where ideas take shape and collaboration thrives. Use the Landing Strip as a keeper of brainstormed ideas and inspiration for the three categories of innovation. This is where ideas morph, collaborate, and simmer until they are moved to action items on the Slope. 

Slope: Progress and Priority

Once ideas are deemed actionable, transfer the projects onto the appropriate colored Flow Cards on the Slope, reflecting the progression and priority of your ideas and tasks.

FluidStance Accessories Slope™ Desk Whiteboard

Arrange the Flow Cards from left to right, following the 70:20:10 distribution. Add notes and details to the Slope, keeping track of milestones and progress.

Lift: Track Results

Utilize the Lift as your scoreboard and a space to track goals, outcomes, and results. Use the Lift's surface to document the milestones that represent your achievements. Laptop Stand Dry erase whiteboard for your standing desk. Laptop Riser

Pro Tip: Utilize FluidStance’s Windows to protect the dashboard and let you cross off or check items as you accomplish them. Monitor progress and update the Lift accordingly, providing a visual representation of your accomplishments.


Bloc: The Perfect Organizer

FluidStance Accessories Bloc: Eco-Friendly Cork Desk OrganizerThe Bloc is the perfect “keeper” of the tools for the InFlow System, including Flow Cards, Windows, Timers, and Pens (as well as other items).

Personal Innovation is all about balance. The FluidStance InFlow System integrates flow, organization, and collaboration to enhance your productivity and foster innovation. Embrace this system to unlock your personal and professional potential, visualize your ideas, and navigate your tasks with clarity and purpose. Experience the power of flow and innovation with the InFlow System from FluidStance. Optimize your workspace with our personal dry erase desk board, monitor and laptop riser, desk organizer, and bulletin board to achieve peak productivity.

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