Navigating Motherhood with Equanimity & Grace

Navigating Motherhood with Equanimity & Grace

FluidStance always celebrates working moms, but especially for the next two weeks as we interview working moms that are in our lives. 

Our first Working Mom is Kelly Heath. Kelly is a senior yoga teacher, ayurvedic health & wellbeing coach & Bhakti practioner. Kelly is certified by the Chopra Center and has numerous Yoga Certifications.  Find out more at

“Balance”. A word that can often lead to expectations that send us in the opposite direction in our over striving. As a mom, life often feels like a tornado of responsibilities, emotions, and never-ending to-do’s. Caring for others, managing the household, and pursuing personal goals can easily overwhelm, leaving little room for self-care, reflection…. and balance. Amidst the spin, I've discovered that maintaining a sense of balance is essential for both my well-being and that of my family.

When I think of what “balance” means to me, I could almost interchange the word “equanimity”. How can we find an equanimous way of being in the midst of motherhood?

One of the key pillars of my sense of balance to life as a mom is the practice of nourishment. What nourishes me? Quiet, slowing down and nurturing my body and mind through yoga, meditation and deep rest is often the answer. This weekend it was taking a walk outside in between basketball games. Often it’s laying horizontal in the middle of the day for a bit. And it’s usually making sure I sit to eat my lunch. Just as I advocate for nourishment for my clients in a yoga class, a meditation practice or a coaching session, I extend this philosophy to my role as a mom.

In a world of overtired, overscheduled and over busy, sustainability is another principle that guides my motherhood journey. Sometimes I just simply hold the question: Is this sustainable? Is this schedule sustainable? This pace? This energetic outpour? My practices have taught me that holding the question is enough to let the answer(s) and the subtle shifts arise over time.

Incorporating the power and potency of a pause(s) throughout my days, weeks months and years is another simple and powerful practice I find that deeply supports motherhood. Finding pause. Some people call it meditation. Stillness. Quiet. Inner attunement and reflection. As a way of digesting what has already happened, and making room for what is here now. Often, we have to schedule this time. So that we make time to close our eyes, notice our breath, feel what our body and nervous system are communicating. I think this can be done in a meditation posture, immersing in nature, and even mindful movement. Cultivating inner stillness enables us to connect with a deeper wisdom that transcends the transient ups and downs of life with clarity and grace.

In the constant dance of change that is motherhood, I embrace the rhythm of life with an open heart. By prioritizing my own sense of equanimity, nourishment, sustainability, and stillness, I've discovered a sense of balance that enriches every aspect of my life as a mother.

We asked Kelly for some of her favorite products for better balance:

Some of my favorite FluidStance products that help me with work balance are:

  • * The Lift - laptop monitor for better ergonomics for my yoga and coaching zooms
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 Some of my other favorites products that help me find balance include:

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