- On the Level -

Founder, CEO & Working Mom of Zen Media Reflects on how her purpose is to create opportunities for others
In this heartfelt fourth installment of FluidStance's series celebrating working moms, our young interviewer Henry Heath, aged 11, speaks with Shama Hyde, the inspiring Founder and CEO of Zen Media and a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Henry delves into Shama’s motivations both as a top-tier CEO and a devoted mom. Shama shares how her drive to create economic opportunities for others shapes her professional and personal life. She also offers a unique life hack for working moms, emphasizing the importance of integrating supportive systems at home just as we do at work. Shama’s favorite FluidStance products and her recommendation for a simple, yet effective tool for maintaining focus round out a conversation filled with practical wisdom for balancing the demands of work and family life.
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Balancing Act: A Mom's Journey on the Farm and at Work with FluidStance
Henry Heath, son of FluidStance's Founder, continues spotlighting mothers navigating work-life balance. Meet Kristina Pohlman, wearing multiple hats as FluidStance’s Manager and farm owner. Kristina shares her journey, from embracing farm life with her children to finding peace amidst chaos. She discusses her daily routine, highlighting the importance of finding beauty in every moment.
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Grammy's Secrets to Thriving in Your 80's
In a heartwarming interview with his grandmother Josie Heath, FluidStance founder's son, Henry Heath, explores the benefits of working into your 80s. Josie (aka Grammy), who is a former White House worker and a vibrant community supporter in Colorado, highlights the joys of learning new things, staying connected with people of all ages, and keeping up with technology. She credits staying active and positive as essential to thriving at any age. Additionally, Josie praises FluidStance products like the Level, which helps her maintain balance and even practice dance moves, and the Flow Card Holder for keeping her dance sessions organized.
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