We believe that movement can change the workplace.

Keep your team moving, happy, and healthy by outfitting your office with our balance boards. We have three easy ways to do this--with our Fleets or our new specially priced 5-packs and 2-packs.

Special Price
from $849

5 Decks, 1 Rack
$1,095 - $2,695

Our studies show that people work happier on our decks. When your team uses our balance boards at a standing desk or table, they’re actively burning calories by allowing for more natural movement throughout the day while staying productive and focused on the task at hand.

FluidStance Fleet Natural Finish (Light) 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet Natural Finish (Light) 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet Walnut Finish (Dark) 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet Plane Cloud (Graphite) 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet 5-Pack
FluidStance Fleet 5-Pack


$ 1,245

Balance Boards for Your Team

For offices and teams who need a supply of decks but don't need a Hi-5 rack.

  • Specially priced 5-pack in the Level® (choose Walnut or Natural Finish) or the Plane® Cloud (Graphite).
  • Level decks feature a wooden top deck in either Natural or Walnut finish. The base is made of military grade die-cast aluminum.
  • Plane® Cloud is made from recycled materials, and has a cushy, textured foam top.
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You Were Meant to Move

Using a FluidStance® deck allows you to engage in natural movement at your standing desk while remaining focused on your task. Our NEAT™ Certified decks increase energy expenditure by 19% vs. sitting, which means you're actively burning calories. Moving on our decks also increases your heart rate by 15%, supports bone health, enhances your brain power, and more.


Looking for a bulk purchase to outfit your office? We're here to help you find the best solution for your team, based on your size, infrastructure, and needs. Email us at flow@fluidstance.com.