The Best Balance Board for You

FluidStance® launched five years ago with a mission to make the world’s workplaces healthier, happier, more productive, and – yes – more fun.

But what exactly is a FluidStance balance board? Maybe you remember standing on a two-piece wooden balance board as a kid, or perhaps you’ve seen circular balance boards at the gym. A FluidStance deck is the best standing desk balance board – because it’s specially evolved for the workplace.

Compare our collection below and find the best balance board for you!

Plane Cloud

The Plane Cloud is the only deck made of recycled plastic, and features a textured foam top. With the same 360° tilt-geometry, functionality, and benefits as our other boards, the Plane Cloud is available for a more affordable price.

• Slightly smaller footprint than the Level or Original (about 2-in. shorter in length)
• Foam top adds cushion under your feet, allowing you to stand comfortably for longer.




The Level is our most popular balance board, chosen by both individual consumers as well as corporate clients. It is available in two different finishes to suit your style and workspace decor.

• Die-cast aluminum base
• Maple top deck finishes: Natural Finish (Light), Walnut Finish (Dark)

The Level offers the same functionally as The Original, at a lower price point. A stunningly simple way to move more, the Level will strengthen and stabilize your body, soothe stiff joints, burn calories, and transform the way you work.




The deck that started it all, The Original is our category-creating balance board, our first board to market, and our most premium item. But what else sets The Original apart?

• Our beefiest base: .25" military-grade aluminum
• Powder coated base available in five colors
• Focus on high quality craftsmanship: locally milled bamboo top deck and a hand-cast base using a sand mold.

For those of you who settle for nothing less than the best, The Original is our most over engineered board, ridiculously durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.



The Best Balance Board for You

"The first day after I got off the Level, I felt great! I could feel the work my lower body had done, and after checking my fitness tracker, confirmed that I had definitely burned more calories than I would have using just my standing desk. I highly recommend getting a Level board. " - Dylan S.


The Science Behind Our Balance Board

FluidStance decks have been rigorously texted by several independent organizations, from the Heeluxe Testing Lab to the University of Idaho, to Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic. It was Dr. Levine who found that on a FluidStance deck, energy expenditure increased by 19.2% vs. sitting. That means that by using a FluidStance deck, you’re actively burning more calories by allowing for increased movement throughout the day.


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